New Hair Loss Treatment for Men

There seem to be a lot of new hair treatments making their way into the world lately. Yet, not all of them gain a lot of followers. Recently there has been a new treatment that’s created a lot of buzz in the UK: a combination of Finasteride and Minoxidil, both already known for their combating powers of hair loss. Now their strengths are combined in a product called Topical Finasteride. Let’s take a closer look at it!

Topical Finasteride: what is it exactly?

Topical Finasteride is a treatment for hair loss. It makes us of the combining powers of Finasteride (previously only used in tablets) and Minoxidil. This combination gives it a lot of benefits and is a clinically proven remedy against losing hair. 

Most other treatments have ingredients like alcohol and propylene glycol. Yet, those commonly cause irritation, itchiness and even dandruff when used. There are no such ingredients found in Topical Finasteride. Which, by removing these elements from its formula, makes is a gentler solution for the scalp.  

So now you know what Topical Finasteride is exactly. But how does it work in reversing balding? Read on to discover its unique way of working.

A unique way to battle hair loss

Hereditary hair loss in men is a common and much discussed topic for men. It’s already known that both Finasteride and Minoxidil have their advantages as a treatment option. Most effective in guys between the ages of 18 to 65 years old, it’s obviously a popular choice to combat male pattern baldness.  MPB, otherwise known as androgenic alopecia is the most common reason why men lose their hair. 

Synergistically working together, the main ingredients have been able to reverse the effects of MPB. The Topical Finasteride helps lower the levels of DHT in the skin of the head. High levels of DHT are one of the major causes of balding. Using Topical Finasteride on a daily basis helps reverse hair loss and will even prevent further balding. And that’s ultimately what you want from a hair loss treatment. 

Let’s take a look at why Minoxidil is also an ingredient. Minoxidil has a positive effect on your hair follicles. Most men suffering from male pattern baldness have issues with shrunken hair follicles. And it’s here that Minoxidil proves it use. It stimulates the hair follicles to revitalize and increase in size again. Plus, it makes the blood vessels surrounding the hair follicles work better creating a more efficient nutrient flow. Using this product continuously helps your hair follicles achieve a greater volume and will help the growth of longer and thicker hairs again. 

Quick overview: main benefits of Topical Finasteride with Minoxidil

  • A double action solution to combat and prevent hair los
  • No nasties meaning no irritation
  • Dries fast, non-greasy
  • No need to take a pill
  • Potentially reduced side effects compared to oral Finasteride tablets
  • Studies show a better result than Minoxidil or Finasteride alone

No hassle to use

Using Topical Finasteride is easy. You don’t need to wash your hair before using it. You only need to have a dry scalp (or at least make sure it’s towel-dry) before you start the application of the product. A handy dropper is provided to help you get the right amount of product to use. It’s as easy as taking the solution and administering it to the top of your head. Make sure to take some minutes to let it dry and then you’re ready to tackle your day! And remember to repeat this at night for the best results. 

And don’t worry if you forget. Even for those of you who have a tendency to forget, there’s no downfall. Missed an application once or twice? Simply pick up where you’ve left off. There’s absolutely no need to apply more because it won’t improve results. 

In short: Topical Finasteride 

A brand new product that combines the advantages of Finasteride tablets and Minoxidil. It’s a simple to use solution without all the ingredients that cause irritation, like alcohol and propylene glycol. Combining the strength of both main ingredients into a multi-faceted approach that will help you battle your hair loss. With Finasteride helping to reduce DHT levels and Minoxidil promoting growth in the hair follicles. Easy, quick and proven to be effective!