Mr Hare Launches SS16 Collection

Mr. Hare, the shoe company founded in London, has since its birth been a dedicated footwear brand, but this year they have branched out and for SS16, they are dressing the whole man, not just his feet.

hare 22

Instead of sticking to the classic formula of smart shoes being paired with formal tailoring which many London designers do every season, Mr. Hare has looked beyond Britain for inspiration to create an African Inspired Clothing, as you can found  in certain African tribes that inspiration, although unfamiliar with the traditional western suit, still have a sense of garments conveying importance and signifying a man’s stature.

hare 33

The collection itself is divided into six basic categories: formal day shoes, formal evening shoes, boots, casual shoes and seasonal shoes. Each individual category has been paired with a specially designed trouser to match it, and then separates have been developed to go with them to create the finished look.

While many seasoned menswear designers devise elaborate overarching concepts and whole looks that only make sense when worn exactly as they appear on the runway, it is a bold move to shun this method and go for something different, but the approach of Mr. Hare is refreshing and relatable, because it mirrors the way many men actually get dressed every day and the pieces can be mixed and matched to suit any style.

hare 44

Speaking about how he designed his collection, founder and designer Marc Hare said, “The male wardrobe is often rigid and static. I like a little romance and pizzazz. Unifying factors in my wardrobe are the quality of fabrics and the interesting shapes achieved by the cuts. It leads to a more experimental palette of clothes and gives the freedom to dress entirely according to mood”.

hare 55

Prices for the collection will reportedly range from £60 to £500 and will include jersey wear, jersey fleece wear, poplin shirting, denim, cottons and outerwear, as well as eyewear created in partnership with Cutler and Gross. The blend on modernism and classic styles mean the eyewear styles perfectly compliment the rest of the collection, with both brands sharing a passion for quality and craftsmanship.