Movie nights with wevu.

Do you know what one of the coolest things to do right now is? Movie nights with wevu! Wevu launched in November with an online buy & rent platform, for you to enjoy any movie you like, and you only pay for what you watch. This means zero subscription fees! 

At the same time they launched in Tesco with buy & keep movie cards –  this allows you to buy the movie and it will sit in your wevu library to watch over and over again. After a successful launch, they decided that offering rental cards in Tesco would be a great additional idea, so you can pick up a movie card on your weekly shopping trip – it’s as simple as that! Not only this but they are at a great price point and work perfectly for a family movie night in.

wevu launched their amazing movie rental card on the 18th March in Tesco stores starting with 16 titles in the range, but the range differs slightly from store to store. What better way to choose the movie you fancy, without the inevitable trailing back-and-forth that comes with choosing a film to watch.

wevu has received some amazing sentiment from influencer campaigns with comments on Instagram such as: “This is such a cool modern way of reliving the good old video shop experience!” and “These sound amazing and I love the nostalgia of it!”

If you want to take your movie nights to the next level, to kick things off, you’ll need to sign up for an account at

We mean it’s cosy blanket season people, and time to snuggle up and watch that favourite movie, over and over again! It’s a home-style layup. The feeling’s light, the movies right, on wevu nights!