Thinking ahead to Christmas gifts, stop off at this mountain.

Mountain Warehouse, a name that everyone will know, a company that targets leisure enthusiasts. 

Unfortunately, we also live in a country where the weather predicts what you wear, where you can probably end up more wet than dry, so having clothes that you are able to throw on is pretty much an essential investment.

What better way to talk about high visibility jackets or more commonly known as “hi vis jackets’’. These jackets are perfect for anyone who needs to be seen, albeit in twilight, dark evenings or early morning mists, the colours and fluorescent materials shine, and make the  surroundings alert to the wearer’s presence.

These coats are great for cyclists, runners, hikers or just to walk the dog at night. 

So zipping up a dedicated outer layer over your regular jacket or sweatshirt won’t just keep you protected from the cold weather, but will serve as your next best commuting companion, all due to the hi-vis details, and its waterproof fabric capabilities that are better equipped for breathability, just throw the jacket on over your clothes and base layers.  

Mountain Warehouse Adrenaline mens Iso-Vis jacket:

The brand behind the best cycling and outdoor jackets are now getting innovative with designs and sweat-wicking, IsoDry, built better to fend off the rain, waterproof and breathable membrane that allows moisture out and that prevents rain getting in, with taped seams, air vents and mesh lining. Useful zipped pockets to pack away some items for those long rides or runs. The jacket also boasts underarm zip that unzips for extra ventilation, and adjustable hood, hem, and cuffs that sits nice and close to the body.

Animal recycled 601 duffle bag:

A good duffel bag really has one purpose in life: hold stuff. But if you want one that is going to check off a few more boxes then the Animal recycled 601 duffel bag will be able to carry all your clothes, shoes, toiletries and everything else in the easiest-to-find and space-saving way possible. You’ll need one that will outlast your passport and even yourself. Strong enough to be chucked around when travelling, and be so good looking you get asked where it’s from.

If you’re someone who plays weekend football or who goes to the gym, then you’ll either go first thing in the morning or maybe in the evening post a hectic day at the office, Either way you’ll be forced to lug your sweaty workout gear at the end of each session. The solution is simple: get yourself this good-looking bag and you’ll be able to carry everything you need in style.

Smaller than a suitcase but bigger than a tote, city dwellers, travellers and students off to university, a canvas duffel, able to fend off some water, and designed to fit in overhead compartments if you’re travelling by car, train or plane. We can’t fault this duffel bag in any way, it’s the gold standard for anyone who wants to get from A to B from the office to a getaway. It feels satisfyingly sturdy thanks to its water resistant

Fabric, adjustable handles that allow adjustment for a better fit and plenty of pockets for all of your essentials. Made of sturdy 100% recycled TPU means it can carry a heavy load with ease.