Model Spotlight: Ricki Hall

As always the folks here at MFM like to pay attention to where its due, and we feel that male model Ricki Hall deserves one hell of a mention. When we think of male models the stereotypical mental image that forms is of tanned, chiseled plastic ‘perfection’, so when we see a new from of male model becoming increasingly popular, we feel the need to celebrate the diversity that has long been needed in the fashion industry.

1380587_228719010622315_539854215_n 442269052_640Ricki Hall is most definitely one to watch for he is creating waves as his legion of fans multiplies, he sets anew example of positive body image for he is a prime example of health and fitness. He is not unhealthily thin, he has a great body covered in tattoos and he is firmly attached to the incredible facial hair which makes many of us jealous to no end. Male models at the moment are all about tattoos and facial hair, looking back to a time when men looked like men and being rugged and rough around the edges was seen as a positive thing.

Untitled-1You will almost definitely recognize him for he has modeled in many campaigns and magazines globally and with the rise in tattoos and facial hair we are bound to be seeing more and more of him in the future. He was discovered one random day coming out of Topman in London wearing a white tee and mechanics overalls, and he was signed to Nevs modeling agency and the rest has been industry.

Ricki-Hall-by-Ram-Shergill-for-Ziad-Ghanem-Couture-AW13 tumblr_m7xv7t7xxh1r7rm5no1_1280As someone who is invested in fashion, writing and artistic diversity, I would very much enjoy sitting and having a chin wag over a beverage with this gent, I’m pretty sure he would have a few interesting stories to tell. If like me you fancy following him on twitter then click on @RickiFuckinHall