Model Spotlight: Billy Huxley

Billy Huxley is a model goes back to the current trend of showing men with tattoos and plenty of body and facial hair, a clear mile or two away from the plastic perfection we are so used to seeing. It works well on him, and models of this caliber offer a new way to view masculinity within the fashion industry thus giving men in real life the excuse to look like real men.

Untitled-1The boy from London has only been modelling for a year now and in that time has become a well known face, and at the age of 24 has modeled for the likes of ASOS, Adidas, Burton and Duffer of St George.

Untitled-2His start in modeling was down to his cousin Hannah who is a Make Up Artist and she was working on a fashion show where she could put forward models and she asked Billy to be part of it. He went for it, enjoyed it and began working freelance building a portfolio working for a few clothing brands. He created a twitter account and got in contact with a model booker, and as we can see from his success, the rest is as we say history.

Untitled-3He takes his work seriously and insists on keeping fit, and this is something he recommends for those looking to follow in his modeling footsteps. He never lets himself have carbs after 10.00am (seriously!). With this dedication we most certainly need to keep an eye on this one.

If you would like to follow his musings, his official twitter is @BillyHuxley