Mid Season Sale – Best Picks

It’s everybody’s favourite time of year, the mid season sale is upon us. All of our favourite brands and shops have slashed their prices, so it’s high time we all grabbed a bargain to ease us into summer.

Sales are a minefield and navigating them takes a savvy mindset. We’ve all fallen victim to putting things in our basket that we know deep down and destined to hang dormant in our wardrobes.

That being said, sales are a great place to build what could be a comprehensive wardrobe without breaking the bank, the trick to this is to not be swayed by trends that are on their way out. These bold, statement pieces were great last season but there’s a reason why they have found their way into the bargain bin. Your attention should really be focused layering classics, essential accessories, and stalwarts such as plain button-up shirts and versatile tailoring.

Keep your expectations in check during this sale, it’s unlikely you’re going to find the perfect pair  of swimming shorts, you might have to wait until December for those. The same applies for cuban collar shirts and sunglasses. This doesn’t mean you won’t find amazing pieces to hold on to until the temperature drops.

Reiss – Striped Long Sleeve T-Shirt – £50

Nautical stripes will never go out of fashion.

COS – Open Collar Long-Sleeve Polo Shirt – £79

This sustainably sourced wool polo shirt with have to wait until Winter but you’ll be glad you invested early.

Patagonia – Hi Loft Down Sweater Hoody – £155

Hold on tight to this one, you’ll be very pleased when the temperature drops.

Stan Ray – Slim Fit 4 Pocket Fatigue Pant – £55

Now this is something you can wear during summer, made in the US using pure cotton and cut to a slim silhouette making this the ideal warmer weather pant.

Adidas – Trefoil Linear Hoody – £45

Not the ideal item for 30 degree heat, but a hoody is always useful for those evenings down the pub.