MEWELLERY | Manly wrist flair

Let’s talk ‘mewellery’ or as we like to call it, ‘manly wrist flair.’ It’s like wristwear, but with a dash of swagger, and a whole lot of masculine charm. From the rugged military ID bracelets of the Fifties to the rubber charity bands of the Noughties, and today’s suave leather and metal charms have come a long way. 

Men’s bracelets have seen their fair share of trends, from puka shells post-beach vacation to those infamous slap bracelets from the ’90s. But beneath the trends, one thing remains constant – the power of the bracelet. So why shouldn’t we embrace bracelets? Well, they’re the easiest way to elevate your style. A simple leather band or a beaded masterpiece can add that extra dash of flair to your outfit, all without saying a word. It’s your way of hinting at a life beyond the daily grind and vibing with those around you.

The secret to wearing a bracelet? Keep it effortless and let’s not forget the necklace aficionados out there. Sporting a pendant sends the message that you’re a man who knows what he wants, a creative soul who’s proud of his individuality. To nail it, go for a mid-weight chain with a modest pendant – it adds intrigue to your outfit and becomes a conversation starter, and if pendants aren’t your thing, give the link necklace a shot; it adds a touch of detail without stealing the spotlight from your dashing self.

Well, let’s just say Don Draper wouldn’t touch a bracelet. James Bond? Not a chance,” Responses ranged from ‘Rings and watches only’ to some straight-up ‘Ew’ reactions A killer signet ring is acceptable. A stylish wedding band is a yes. Anything beyond that? Not so much. A little bit of jewellery is okay, but it should never be overdone.

They say women don’t dress for men but for each other, so maybe it’s time we follow suit (pun intended) and add a touch of wrist wear to our ensemble, within reason, of course. Just don’t call it ‘mewellery.’ Especially when she’s around. Remember this, guys, and you won’t fall prey to every bracelet trend on the planet – because WWJD (What Would James Bond Do), right? And you definitely won’t look like you just returned from a month-long yoga retreat in Bali.