Protect your eyes in style with this season’s premier ski and snowboard goggles.

As the frosty breeze heralds the arrival of winter, snow sports enthusiasts gear up for thrilling adventures on the slopes. Among the essential equipment needed for an exhilarating ride are snow goggles, which are paramount, so wearing top-quality goggles is crucial when hitting the slopes. Quality goggles minimise distractions, enhancing overall slope performance and maximising visibility in various terrains and weathers. Superior construction materials ensure durability, withstanding the rigours of skiing for seasons. Wider peripheral vision offered by premium goggles is crucial for navigating crowded slopes and unforeseen obstacles; they reduce eye strain by providing clear vision and preventing fatigue during extended ski sessions. Additionally, high-quality goggles perform well and come in stylish designs, allowing you to ski confidently while looking great. 

Amidst the options available, one brand stands out with a range of high-quality, innovative goggles that elevate the snow experience—CLEAR, FLIP, and FERDI from the spotlighted company MessyWeekend. This esteemed brand has carved its niche in the snow sports industry, promising an unmatched blend of style, technology, and functionality, and the goggles are a testament to cutting-edge design, boasting an array of features that promise superior performance on snow-covered terrains. For those seeking adaptability, the XEp lens, a photochromic marvel, adjusts seamlessly to changing weather conditions—transforming hues from royal blue under the sun to transparent purple in overcast settings.

The FLIP, the latest addition to the collection, combines the expansive view of frameless goggles with the durability of a solid frame and an efficient ventilation system. Available in army, grey, and black frames, paired with silver, dark grey, and green mirrored lenses, promising both style and substance. Moreover, the innovative magnetic lens attachment technology ensures hassle-free lens swapping, allowing for quick adaptation to changing light conditions. Crafted from lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane and boasting dual-layered, grade 1 optical-quality polycarbonate lenses, these goggles offer anti-fog, anti-scratch coating, and 100% UV400 protection. Versatility is another standout feature; these goggles cater to various preferences with an over-the-glasses fit and adaptability for most helmets, ensuring comfort and compatibility for all riders.

The CLEAR goggles, characterised by their cylindrical shape, exude a retro aesthetic that’s timeless. Available in army, grey, and black frames with silver, dark grey, and green mirrored lenses, each variant includes a yellow overcast lens for versatile usage. They are equipped with magnetic lens attachments for easy interchangeability and crafted from lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane for comfort and durability. They comprise dual-layered grade 1 optical-quality polycarbonate lenses with anti-fog, anti-scratch coating, and 100% UV400 protection. They are optimised with high-contrast XE2 lens technology for superior vision. It accommodates an over-the-glass fit and fits most helmets seamlessly.

The FERDI emphasises enhanced peripheral vision with its cylindrical-style design, allowing for superior horizontal and vertical sightlines. Available in army, grey, and black frames with silver, dark grey, and green mirrored lenses. They feature interchangeable lenses for added adaptability and are crafted from lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane, ensuring breathability and resilience. Utilises dual-layered grade 1 optical-quality polycarbonate lenses with anti-fog, anti-scratch coating, and 100% UV400 protection. It is enhanced by XE2 lens technology for impeccable clarity. Designed for over-the-glasses wear and helmet adaptability.

These snow goggles—FLIP XEP, CLEAR, and FERDI—each brings unique strengths to the table, catering to varied preferences and providing exceptional performance on the slopes. Their innovative features, advanced lens technologies, and adaptable designs promise an exhilarating and safe snow sports experience.