Menswear PR: Laura Morse

Where would the fashion world be without relaying a message to customers? How companies want their products to be preserved and what they want their company to say is crucial. And that’s where Laura Morse comes in.

Laura Morse holds a six year bridge of experience in the Fashion PR world and has experience in communications and lifestyle industries. What we find interesting and something we believe the fashion world is all about, is how business – or, to Morse, clients – send messages out. Morse, herself, says that she helps clients do this through a number of ways but one of them is the social media world. The world of fashion is changing and Twitter and Facebook help new styles and designs to be seen by our ever-loving fashion tribe.

Previously working at Exposure, Morse gained more experience in the Fashion, Lifestyle and Communications PR world. Along with this, her lists of clients have ranged from Ben Sherman to Martin Margiela. She moved onto working for Fourmarketing where her knowledge expanded into distribution of products, ecommerce etc. Today, with all of her experience and knowledge, she works for Diesel where she works in Menswear PR department.

After working for some great PR companies, alongside fronting the menswear PR for one of the biggest brands in the world, she has worked on some fascinating campaigns across her career.