Men’s Wedding Attire Guide for Various Venues

Selecting wedding attire can be a significant moment for many, venturing beyond casual everyday wear to explore more formal options. This exploration doesn’t have to be daunting. The guide below offers practical advice for choosing men’s wedding attire tailored to the venue.

Key Venues and Attire Suggestions

1. Traditional Church Wedding

For a classic setting like a church wedding, a timeless approach is best. Opt for a well-fitted suit in navy or black, paired with a tasteful tie. Personal touches can be added through accessories like pocket squares, suspenders, and cufflinks, aiming for elegance without being overly ostentatious.

2. Beach Weddings

Beach weddings call for a balance between formality and the casual, seaside atmosphere. The attire may vary from chic cocktail outfits to more laid-back options, depending on the couple’s preference. Embrace lighter fabrics and perhaps a more relaxed dress code, reflecting the informal setting. Popular choices for beach wedding locations are large oceanfront rentals on the Outer Banks, idyllic tropical backdrops on the Hawaiian Islands, and picturesque coastlines in California and Oregon, among many other stunning options. Thinking of the location of the beach wedding venue may also help to inspire your attire selection.

3. Industrial Space

Venues like art galleries or breweries inspire attire with a bit more of an edge. Think about incorporating interesting textures and patterns, and don’t shy away from bold colors to add pop and personality to your look.

4. Cruise Ship Wedding

For a cruise ship setting, a white dinner jacket is a classic choice, especially for formal occasions. Ensure the outfit matches the event’s tone, adapting to the weather and the ceremony’s formality. In some cases the couple will desire a more casual feel for their cruise ship venue, it’s always worth asking for clarification if you are unsure.

5. Outdoor or Garden Wedding

Outdoor settings favor lighter, more vibrant attire. Consider suits in bold colors or patterns and accessories that stand out, suitable for a natural, picturesque backdrop. Adding a floral element is always a good choice for an outdoor or garden wedding. This can easily be done with a floral patterned pocket square and tie or bowtie.

6. Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings offer flexibility, allowing for cocktail attire or more casual options. It’s sometimes easy to get a feel for if the wedding will be leaning more formal or more casual by looking at the wedding invitation style and wording. A more casual approach will allow for a more casual style like a nice pair of jeans with a button-up. It’s easy to add a bit more formality to the outfit by adding a blazer and you can dress things up even further by wearing dress pants and adding a tie. 

Choosing Attire by Time of Day

Generally speaking, daytime weddings allow for less formal attire than evening weddings.

For a daytime wedding consider lighter colors and fabrics. For evening weddings, darker colors and heavier fabrics are more fitting. 

Keep in mind the venue as you make your choices and the environment you’ll be in. Will there be air conditioning? Will you be in the heat of the sun? Will there be a possibility of rain? Will the event span many hours and possible temperatures? There are many elements to consider and thinking through them all will help you be dressed appropriately and comfortably.

Shopping Do’s and Don’ts


  • Adhere to long pants for all venues.
  • Opt for formal shoes and belts.
  • Use ties and pocket squares as a way to add color.
  • Consider your partner (if you are going with one) and how you can compliment their outfit.


  • Avoid overly casual wear like worn-in jeans, shorts, and open-toed shoes.
  • Steer clear of white as the main color of your attire.
  • Refrain from flashy outfits that could overshadow the couple and their party.
  • Don’t forget to consider the temperature of your environment to avoid being too hot or cold.


Navigating men’s wedding attire is easier with an understanding of the venue and the time of day. Opt for conservative choices for traditional settings and more relaxed attire for casual venues. The key is to balance formality with personal style, ensuring comfort and confidence on the special day.