Mens Swimwear Guide

It has become a regular thing that the majority of people around me are either going on holiday or in the process of booking a getaway, myself included. One thing has become predominately clear about the masses; everyone seems to be developing holiday fever. Sick and tired of the unpredictable wind and torrential rains, people seem to be seeking solitude in sunnier climates. Due to the fact that I work in fashion retail, I am consistently asked for style advice and what pieces to wear for certain occasions. Recently there has been a steady increase in the number of men that look to me for advice on holiday wear, more specifically men’s swimwear. It has become clear that the majority of men can become overwhelmed by the variation of styles in the swimwear department, and some are less confident in which styles they feel they can wear. So here is my guide on men’s swimwear so you can feel prepared for your time in the pool.


As mentioned before there are a number of different styles of swimwear now available for the male demographic. Some are easier to wear than others, while some may require a little bit more confidence to successful work the look. Read on for a breakdown of the styles available, and on occasion some dos and don’ts in regards to your summer swimwear.

Short and Tight

mens swimwear1

The Daniel Craig influenced trunks have been a beacon of modern swimwear since 2006, with high street stores reporting strong sales for this particular type of swimwear. These trunks do require confidence, though with considerably less fabric than you bog standard trunks this style is ideal for swimming and can be perfect if you have been hitting the gym hard before your hols. These are the perfect kind of show off holiday swimwear for the more confident male.

capri swim shortsleaf print swim shortsstriped swim shorts

league twelve trunkscambridge swim shortsseventies swim trunks

Olympian Speedos

mens swimwear2

Will the nations love for Olympian Tom Daley inspire a surge in brief sales? Even the super tiny ones? It has been said that Stella McCartney joked that these were the hardest bit of the Team GB kit to design because there was very little room for the pattern! This kind of swimwear is only for the super confident male, and this particular style does come with some risks. Due to the ‘minimalist’ look of this swimwear it can tend to look a bit ‘Rod Stewart’, not sure what I mean? Google it and you will see. On the other hand if you are confident in yourself and feel that you have spent enough time at the gym, not necessarily to look super buff but at the very least toned, then feel free to go for a pair of these and make the rest of us jealous with the ease in which you wear them.

yellow swim trunkscontrast band swim trunksdanward swim trunks

animal print swim trunksdanward swims shortstwo tonned swimming trunks

Surfer Dude Board Shorts

mens swimwear3

While still a popular style amongst the younger gentleman, the longer look short is also favoured by an older and beefier clientele. Certain male celebrities have been seen to be sporting this more masculine look; the likes of Hugh Jackman and True Blood’s Joe Manganiello seem to favour the boardie style. However this style of swimwear will suit pretty much any body shape as the simplicity of its style allows it to flatter most shapes. However fs like me you are on the slimmer side, it is best to avoid a board short that seems to have too much fabric as this can make you look skinny as opposed to slim. If this is the case then opt for a board short that appears to be a little more tailored and this will flatter your body. Try and opt for low cut if you have a flat stomach too because this can look great on those of us who are toned. Also prints are big again so this type of short is great to rock a vibrant style and looks great once you have caught a tan.

rescue bulldog swimshortspaul smith swim shortszion boardshorts

pelican swim shortsleopard swim shortscontrast panel swim shorts

Dive In

So there you have some of the key styles for all your swimwear needs, although I must raise an extremely important point when purchasing your swimwear. Don’t be afraid to splash a little extra cash when making a purchase, higher price normally means higher quality and thus making a point of the importance of lining. Cheaper styles I have noticed seem to lack this and this can be a big faux pas when trying to maintain ones dignity. The idea of swimwear is to show off not show it all off. With that in mind all you need to do is hit the gym and tone up, get yourself some good quality sunscreen, and attempt to recreate the Daniel Craig emerging from the water James Bond scene. Happy Swimming.