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It’s hard to switch the radio on these days without hearing the sounds of Mr. Bruno Mars. Whether it be his smash hit “Locked out of Heaven”, or his recent

Many have questioned our reasons for selecting the style icons we do, some ask nicer than others; but what it ultimately comes down to is style. It sounds simple enough

Every now and then we like to stray away from the glitz and glamour of the stars whose style we normally assess, and look to the men who are working

It’s seems somewhat ironic labelling Kurt Cobain with the style icon moniker. After all, this was a man who made a career out of shunning the world, singing about the

We all know him as the boy wizard. Our very own British child actor that blasts spells across our televisions at Christmas time. Daniel Radcliffe, however, started out his career

Very rare is the occasion when a talented actor makes that much of an impact that the whole world stands up and takes notice. With an impressive filmography under his

Here at MFM we are forever in admiration of a stylish gentleman who has more than a few ‘strings’ to his proverbial bow. Someone who likes to dabble in as

Style can come in all forms these days, from a movie star, a musician or even a character in a book. We feel it’s an extra bonus when we can

Here at MFM, when covering a style icon we tend to look at people who have a stylish take on gentlemanly apparel. So for this particular style icon piece we

Zac Efron is not someone who is typically seen as a style icon; most of us still associate his name with the annoying teenage lead in the ever popular teen