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Some men have it all, don’t they? David Hockney is a British institution, a living legend, a master of the easel and – as if that wasn’t enough – a is a world-renowned and multi-faceted contemporary music extraordinaire. Recognised initially as a quarter of The Black Eyed Peas, the successful entertainer has certainly since staked his claim as a solo

I don’t know what it is that draws me to rock’n’roll stars as style icons, but something in their demeanour lures me in to their sense of style. Maybe it’s

The recent release of Her directed by Spike Jonze; tells the story of a lonely protagonist (Joaquin Phoenix) cast as writer Theodore Twombly who finds himself wrapped up in a

Patrick Okogwu- real name of internationally renowned multi-award winning music artist, producer and songwriter Tinie Tempah, has developed his style across the years which has led to him being on

Benedict Cumberbatch. Whether you’ve seen him on stage as Victor Frankenstein, on TV as Sherlock Holmes or in Middle Earth as the fire-breathing dragon, Smaug, Benedict Cumberbatch has gained recent

Lead singers and those who masquerade under its limelight have never been afraid to break the rules of convention, if anything, they make it their mission to rip up the

It would seem that some time has passed since we offered our readers a piece on someone we felt attention must be drawn to in regards to personal style. That

Style is something that is reflective of the man, and the clothe he selects are the ones that portray him to the world in a certain way. Having knowledge of

David Walker-Smith is regarded as the one of the best dressed men within the fashion retail circle. In the last year he was appointed Managing Director of the prestigious Fenwick