Mens Style: Spring Knitwear

Why is it that us gents think knitwear should only be used in the colder seasons? Obviously the function of general knitwear is to create warmth but there’s a variation of knits we can look to utilise in the warmer seasons. By implementing knitwear into our spring look, we can really add unique touches as it gives us another layer to play with. If a look is lacking colour, or if a look needs neutralising we can use knitwear to add this. Now obviously when the sun starts shining, cable knit jumpers aren’t the obvious option. Something which is going to look bulky and something which is going to create a lot of warmth isn’t the best choice. With spring knitwear, you want to focus on lightweight jumpers or sweaters and cardigans. These will allow you to add another layer to play with, but want generate too much heat.

How To Wear Spring Knitwear

Spring knitwear can be utilised in a variety of ways. The most common is to wear it elegantly. What we mean by this is to layer it over a buttoned down shirt, or layer it underneath a blazer. If you’re going to wear knitwear this way make sure you focus on the key element of fit. If the jumper is too tight and the shirt is quite baggy it’s going to create a ruffled effect, if the jumper is too baggy and the blazer is slim fit it’s again going to create the same effect. Everything you wear needs to be slim fitting, creating an elegant appearance.

You can also utilise spring knitwear in a casual manner. Make it a focal point of the look and make it the top layer. By doing so you want to focus on the pattern or design or the jumper or cardigan. Where as when worn elegantly you may focus on lighter tones or neutral colours, by wearing spring knitwear casually you can let loose a little. Prints are extremely popular this season and printed knitwear worn casually can create a great look this season.

So what types of knitwear should you opt for? Like i’ve said, lightweight jumpers/sweaters and cardigans are the perfect choice. You can wear these both elegantly and casually and they offer timeless style. The good thing about utilising knitwear in the spring is you can carry over some of your autumn/winter pieces. It’s likely you already own a few jumpers/sweaters and you can carry some of your favourites through to the spring/summer season too. Here’s some of our favourites online:

So what do you think of wearing knitwear in the spring? Is it something you’d utilise? Let us know in the comments below!