Mens Stocking Fillers

We all know stockings are for the novelty weird stuff- but we are here to help you find the perfect fit for you without breaking the bank.

Fill your stockings with these awesome ideas and you’ll be sure to be in for a win, whether its for your Dad, Partner, Brother or Son, they’ll love these!

Horace, The Perfect Stocking Fillers:

Peppermint & Tea Tree Shower Gel
There is something about buying a shower gel that always seems difficult. You know what you want but can never find it. 

Well, finally the hunt is over. This shower gel is paraben and sulphate-free, washes, calms the skins, purifies, antibacterial, and smells delicious. You can pick the Gel up here:

Hand Moisturising Balm
Your hands are used so much, in the current climate of handwashing and sanitising, you will notice that your hands have become sore, dry and even cracked. So come Christmas they deserve nothing but the best and find salvation in our best hand moisturising balm. 

Gift wrap them in this amazing balm, with 98% of the ingredients are of natural origin, and the non sticky, quickly absorbed and deeply hydrating formula made from shea butter, vitamin E and provitamin B5 doesn’t disappoint.

Mattifying Face Moisturiser
Never fear letting your face absorb a really good and effective mattifying moisturiser, especially during colder weather. Easy to apply, and easy on your face, make it part of your everyday routine. Non greasy, non shiny, hydrates, nourishes  and keeps it soft. With 99% ingredients being of natural origin, it contains plant-derived organic plum oil and prickly pear oil, both of which soothe and hydrate. 

You know that saying, ‘I love the wind on my face’ well this face moisturiser will save the day when you get home. See the moisturiser here:

Face Scrub
It doesn’t matter what you’ve been doing in the day, it’s important that at least once a week you give your face a good (but gentle) scrub to get rid of impurities, grime, and unclog those pores.

This face scrub works wonders to not only give you clearer skin, less dehydrated, but leaves you feeling healthier.

Great as it’s unscented, and uses all natural ingredients, like Murumuru seeds that will get rid of those old dead skin cells,  leaving your face looking good as new.

Gel Pomade
Styling isn’t as easy as it might seem! This gel pomade will show you how to use it the right way and to get the hairstyle you want, as applying this hair product will make it all feel relatively straightforward. 

With a great citrus fresh smell, the plant-derived glycerin will hydrate your hair, and the cotton-oil will leave it soft. It’s also paraben and silicone-free and mineral oil free too.

So if you are in favour of shine, and want to embrace a strong hold slickness this is the gel for you. And after a long day and a quick shower, this pomade is easily rinsed out with water.

Check out the collections here:

Grooming Starter Kit – Deluxe Pomade:

Given the opportunity, we were keen to try out the ‘Groomer Start Kit’ from Uppercut Deluxe. Nicely packaged in a quality box, combining Deluxe Pomade, Degreaser Shampoo, Everyday Conditioner, and a CT5 Tortoise Shell Pocket Comb, we were keen to see if it manages to hold my hair in place all day, every day.

The Deluxe Pomade comes in a neat tin, and the shampoo and conditioner in black bottles with pump tops, which I like. We prepped our hair with the degreaser shampoo and everyday conditioner before applying a little pomade to the palm of the hand, starting at the front and working backwards (and the pomade is super strong and water soluble, which is great) Check out the comb if you want to get good pomp!

All-in-all if you want pomp, slickback, side part or messed up, the pomade is easy to work with, good scent, value for money and a perfect stocking filler, for your boyfriend or brother.
The Uppercut Grooming Starter Kits are available here for just £35

Start To Glow with the Advanced Nutrition Programme:

Here at MFM, we are always looking for those special ingredients that will make us feel good and get that lovely winter glow. We found it with the Advanced Nutrition Programme ‘Start To Glow’. Combining SkinVit A+ and Skin Omegas+ this gave our skin a gorgeous kick-start.

Everyone wants to look good, feel healthy and only after a week did we start to notice that our skin did feel smoother, and those laughter lines creeping around my eyes looked softer.

We like the capsule Skin Vit A +, also called ‘Skin Vitamin’ which has both Vit A + Vit D in one capsule. This will give your dull tired winter skin a fresh shot of skin boosting properties! The Advanced Nutrition Programme, uses sustainable methods to source their omega-3 fish oil, which gives me that feeling of trust with this company.   

We are looking forward to seeing how our skin looks after a couple of months. You can pick up the Advanced Nutrition Programme here for just £45.

A Personal Gift that lasts 

Francis Wain Jewellers enables you to give the gift of beautiful and memorable jewellery that can be worn with joy and treasured for generations.

Francis Wain Jewellers has been providing a personal service to discerning customers for over 50 years. With a wide range of stunning jewellery online, from rings and earrings to pendants and cuff links, there really is something for everyone. 

So whether it’s for your partner, parents or good friend, browse the full range at

The Ultimate Gift For Any Keen Cyclist

Rehook Plus is the ultimate tool to get you back on your bike. It incorporates tyre levers, wrenches, spoke keys, screwdriver and hex heads with the classic Rehook tool head. A great new road side cycle tool kit and the definitive lightweight multi-tool. Ideal for dropped chains, tyre changes and a range of roadside issues.

This ONE compact tool includes:

-Rehook chain tool head, 2x Tyre levers, 2x Spoke keys, 8mm, 9mm and 10mm wrench, 5mm and 6mm Hex / Allen keys and a PH1 Phillips screwdriver

“Rehook was created after dropping a chain, and turning up late for a meeting, covered in oil”

– Wayne Taylor, Creator of Rehook

This in-genius tool is a great stocking filler for anyone that uses their bike on a regular basis, for work or for pleasure. To make things even better, Rehook are offering an amazing 20% off the Rehook Plus Multi Tool, exclusively for Mens Fashion Magazine readers.

Browse the full range of products here:

The Invisible Edge Red Calf Leather Wash Bag

If you are looking for a travel bag that is uber chic and totally timeless, then this Invisible Edge wash bag is the perfect one for all your grooming products, and has you covered with its beautiful and stylish calf red leather exterior, (for guys who want to add a little colour in their lives) and with the brands signature label on the side for maximum class, belying it being made in France.

To keep, not only your shaving accessories, but your shaving brush and that handy Ti Pure Alum block ( that helps with those shaving nicks, and generally as an after shave skin treatment! ) as the interior has a wipe clean patterned lining, so easy to clean up after use and keeps all your shaving gear safe, for optimal organization. 

If you just need a great looking wash bag to hang out in your bathroom, it’s a great way to keep all your bathroom accessories stored in one place, and no surprise then, that this wash bag offering is up there with the best. And if you’re a man on the go, then a little luxury goes a long way when you’re away from home, it’ll make you a refined jetsetter.

And the perfect Christmas present, we think so, if you fill it with our toiletries.

Also available in Tan :