Men’s Hairstyles For 2012

With the New Year looming there has never been a better time to give your locks a season update (Sorry guys, mullets have to go) and with key 2012 trends being unbelievably easy to style there is no excuse to be rocking out with anything other than a tip-top mop! The catwalks for S/S 12 are the ideal playground to sift out suitable styles to fit your lifestyle.

Undercut with length on top
The undercut made a comeback in 2011 and it has no intention of slowing down. Undercuts are still going to be a big part of men’s hair throughout the next year. This year focuses on more length through the top; either slicked back or pushed forward with the sides being completely disconnected from the crown. For guys who don’t want to be so be bold ask your hairdresser to blend in the sides slightly so it isn’t as harsh for a more conservative look. Also if the long top section isn’t for you ask for it shorter, giving a more polished less dramatic style.

The Quiff
The classic quiff is a perfect hairstyle for those who embody the demeanour and confidence to pull it off, for this style think Elvis (not Jedward) with an edge of modern rock attitude thrown in, if you are one of them, make sure to visit the boca raton Best hair salon. It’s a perfect style that can translate from business to pleasure easily, for daytime a more slicked back quiff is appropriate, and for evening punk things up and opt for a quiff with height.  Both the undercut and the quiff can be meshed together to give an individual bang on trend hairstyle.  On the S/S catwalks Jean Paul Gaultier opted for the more slicked back approach to the timeless style whereas Michael Bastian preferred his quiffs with height, either are perfect for the upcoming year.


Tousled back with tapered sides
Keeping the sides short with a lot of length through the top gives an extremely versatile haircut; it can be styled forward for an indie boy style or tousled back for a more classic look. Tousling the hair with gel to give it a wet look and sweeping it back oozes understated masculine charm with a hint of preppy elegance. This style was favoured on the catwalks for S/S 12 by Salvatore Ferragamo.


By Lewis McGinty