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AW13 Fashion Mistakes

Afraid to look? Us too! As purveyors of style, we, sadly, have come across a number of AW13 mistakes. Needless to say, these looks should not follow us into 201...
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AW13 Colour Trend: Camel

Camel is the new black. Or is it? While there are no animal puns in this article (you’ll be relieved to know), this on-trend colour has a long history in fashio...

Stylist: Ashley Weston

We put the MFM spotlight on celebrity stylist Ashley Weston, who has been working with celebrity clientele since 2009. Mastering her craft, Ashley doesn't just ...
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The Modern Day Suit Guide

Looking back, the suit has essentially come a long way since the infamous “Dandy” dressing days of the early 1800’s. Playing an intrinsic role in the importance...
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How To Wear: Mustard

When it comes to colour palettes and clothing, us gents are not known for our adventurous out look.  Men are well-known for playing it safe, keeping it simple; ...