Mens Fashion Trends – Monochromatic

Every season there are numerous trends that take over with excessive and imaginative creativity. However some trends aren’t for everyone as they can be too intimidating for the individual with a more laid back style. If you are one of those people who gravitates more towards a more muted colour palette, then maybe this latest trend is right up your more subtle street.

Black and white outfits have been hitting the runways with a stomping sense of chic refinement and simplicity. Colour is clearly vacant yet this doesn’t deprive these garments of any style. Monochromatic outfits are fast becoming the uniform of fashions most successful people, and are filtering down into the mass markets.

Better in Black (and White)

black and white lookbook1

Some things just look better in black and white: old movies, the text in a good book, Instagram photos, and now, your spring wardrobe. Black and white acts as a sartorial palette cleanser this season, offering a refreshing alternative to the lavishness of decorative fabrics. It might seem preposterous that after an entire season of darkness we’re still advocating you wear black. But when used to punctuate a canvas of crisp white (or vice versa), the two shades in tandem feel fresh, sporty, and young. This season it seems that opposites really do attract, and for those of you who thought black and white was boring then think again.

Monochromatic Black and White, especially in these past few fashion weeks is more than just an enduring, season-in, season-out trend; it’s also a palate cleanser of the highest order. There is no better example of how enduring it is than Karl Lagerfeld himself who always maintains an appearance of regal stature in his slick outfits of blacks and whites.


monochrome look book 2

The Monochrome look is also one of the few real trends in men’s fashion. Black and White is one of the simplest, most chic of looks to work whatever the year and never fails to gain attention when done well. Bright whites tempered with inky blacks can be used to create a truly bold statement. The fact that you probably already have a few black and white items hanging in your wardrobe makes a monochromatic look possibly one of the easiest summer trends to execute. The black and white trend is also the perfect opposite to the many bold and colourful trends featured this season. Using black and white will help create an almost sculptured look, and definitely draw attention to you.

Get The Look

There is no exact way in which you are supposed to rock the monochrome look, it is one of those trends that is so ridiculously versatile that you can translate it into your already pre-existing style. Here are a few looks that men of significant influence have used when utilising this trend.

Karl Lagerfeld

karl lagerfield monochrome

This designer is a style icon in our eyes, and is someone whom we hold in high regard not only for his talent but how he carries himself as a gentleman. His personal style can be translated across any age as true sophistication is ageless. Here are a few products to help you achieve Mr Lagerfeld’s clean and polished look.

white checkerboard shirtcotton travel shirt

popline chatwin shirtsilk lapel blazer

mid grey skinny blazertextured wool blazers

tuxedo satin stripeskies wool trouser

rambler jeanscorporal boot

slim knitted silk tiecombination sunglasses

Kanye West

kanye west black and white

Mr West is one of the music industry’s most forward fashion thinkers, and is always tuned in when it comes to manipulating a trend to his own style. It’s hard to avoid but this trend is something that he has been utilising not only on himself but his baby mama Kim Kardashian as well.

slim fit sleeved blazercontrast lapel jacket

baasima biker jacketsolitaire shirts

black neck tshirtsclassic tshirt

sodium lggy jeansskinny denim jeans

smart skinny jeanshi top trainers

wood high topszip hitops

Justin Timberlake

justin timberlake black and white

Mr JT may proclaim his need for a suit and tie, but he has been working this look with a far more relaxed look of late. Still maintaining his air of sophisticated ease, he has definitely been rocking this monochrome look even on stage. Justin has definitely become one of the more high profile style icons to keep an eye on, for a source of fashionable inspiration.

stenburg leather jacketultra black waistcoat

wool blend waistcoatwhite military shirt

bow tie cotton shirtcollarless linen shirt

charge chinostux trousers

twill biker trouserspatterned silk tie

metal plate buckle beltmonk shoe black leather


This is an easy look to work—and ideal–for creating a fairly effortless wardrobe. This dark against light, black with white monochrome fashion look is classic and the perfect choice right now for anyone with a financially critical wardrobe budget. Monochrome is capsule dressing and will stretch that tight budget. Long after all the coloured garments from the past two seasons have faded into fashion’s oblivion, you will still be able to wear monochrome classics that stand the test of time.