Mens Fashion Trend: Vintage

People often frown at vintage clothing. Especially us gents, we don’t like wearing used or second hand clothing and we sometimes think it affects our masculinity if we don’t buy brand new garments. Today at MFM, we’re going to be looking at the vintage fashion trend this season, and ways we can implement vintage clothing into our looks.

The Importance Of Vintage

Now vintage has all of a sudden risen in popularity, it’s time to realise why. We’re seeing a huge influx of dedicated vintage stores, selling mens second hand vintage clothing at specialised prices. A touch of heritage is key, and it’s great to implement garments with history into our looks. Vintage is often worn in the autumn/winter season, with layering being a key element. But this spring/summer season we’re also seeing the vintage trend being carried through, with vintage printed shirts being extremely common. Another factor to wearing vintage clothing is the element of affordability. With the credit crunch still very apparent, opting to buying second hand clothing is obviously more affordable then buying brand new clothing.

Wearing Vintage

The amount of guys wearing vintage is increasing, but a lot of guys are still put off by the thought of wearing second hand clothing. If you’re still on the edge, look to wear vintage clothing in a subtle way. You can use layering to add vintage clothing in a subtle way, such as layering a blazer or cardigan over a vintage printed shirt. Here’s some images of guys wearing vintage subtly.

It can also be worn to create a statement. Therefore making the vintage garment the stand out piece, drawing the attention towards the vintage piece. This works extremely well in the summer seasons. A printed vintage shirt or t-shirt is going to be a stand out feature, so creating this as the focus piece and pairing with some neutral tones, your going to draw attention direct to the vintage garment.

If you’re still not convinced about vintage clothing, you can opt towards vintage accessories. Accessories such as vintage ties or scarves will add a touch of vintage, but won’t create too much of a statement. You can add personalised touches to a look, without completely reinventing your style.


Vintage Store: Poor Boy

As mentioned in the first paragraph, there’s a huge influx of specialised vintage stores. We wanted to highlight one in particular which we’re huge fans of, Poor Boy. They have a great range of carefully selected vintage pieces, which can be implemented into your current style. We got an amazing Hugo Boss blazer which was an amazing piece, in great condition with fast delivery and pretty affordable! The prices aren’t too over board unlike a few other specialised vintage shops, and there isn’t a huge selection showing that the pieces have been carefully hand picked. Here’s some of our favourite pieces from Poor Boy

So what’s your thoughts on the vintage trend? Are you a fan or do you prefer buying brand new garments? Let us know!