Mens Fashion Trend: The Checked Jacket

I have recently started to notice an abundance of men wearing checked jackets. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t aware this was even a trend. In fact, I’m not entirely sure it is. But evidently a large majority of the UK male population seem to be jumping on the checked jacket bandwagon because the amount of people I’ve seen wearing them of late is, well, slightly ridiculous.

At first I was a little sceptical. Is this just a trend for the slightly lazy, unproductive and definitely fashion-foe student type that I seem to have been introduced to more often than not lately? Perhaps, I thought. But then they started appearing everywhere. Walking down the street – in the nicer, non student areas of my city, I may add – I’d see well-dressed men who have clearly befriended fashion and who have also very clearly benefited from a ridiculous gene-pool, wearing the checked jacket. They popped up again at a fashion talk I recently attended at Harvey Nichols. At coffee one Sunday morning there it was again, sitting across from me casually sipping on an Americano. It must be catching on however, I still feel a little sceptical. But, as they say, the heart wants what the heart wants so I’ve scouted around to find the best of the checked jackets and put together a guide as to what to wear them with.

The Checked Bomber

Only attempt this look if you can say with a significant amount of certainty that you are really, really cool. It’s tricky, but with the right styling it can actually look amazingly retro. Alexander McQueen’s version is seriously luxurious with its silk blend and will give you instant fashion kudos. Keep in with the nature of this jacket’s style and wear with black skinny jeans and a really sharp pair of shoes. N.B. Natural swagger and attitude is a must.

The Checked Trench

Possibly even more of a statement-maker than the bomber just by the sheer volume of check due to the naturally longer length of the trench coat. I’d say you’ve got to be pretty daring to wear this style and, personally, I’d go all out and wear with a brightly coloured shirt or jumper to show you’re not afraid to make a statement. Zara does a fabulous selection of basic knits in every possible colour you could ever need or want. Buy a variety to create a different look each time.

The Checked Blazer

If you’re looking for something more timeless and classic, possibly with a heritage twist, then the checked blazer is definitely the jacket for you. The check is much subtler on the blazer meaning you can either wear it with a statement piece or with other luxe basics in neutral hues for an elegant and sophisticated look. Perfect when you need a smart casual look for the weekend.

The Checked Country Jacket

If you have a natural aversion to the city and feel your time is much better spent in the countryside then fear not as there’s a style for you, too. This Sacai jacket is perfect for rolling around in the hay in – apologies if this is an inaccurate description of countryside activities, I must confess, it isn’t somewhere I often frequent. Its knitted blend, British colours and large pockets all scream countryside chic and its contrasting collar and cuffs adds a subtle fashion twist. Go the whole hog and team with chino’s and wellies for a truly heritage look.

Will you be wearing the checked jacket this spring/summer? If so, let us know which style you’ll be choosing and how you’ll style it.