Men’s Fashion Trend: Neckerchiefs

With summer fast approaching, we’re starting to see an influence of summer trends within our looks. We typically tend to see a rise of the nautical trend, and the idea that less is more, but this often leads to us guys neglecting accessories. From catwalk reports and sneak peeks into SS12 products from our favourite brands, the rise of the neckerchief has caught our eye. It’s an accessory which many turn there nose up at, but it adds a touch of individuality to any look. The good thing about the neckerchief is that it can be tied in a variety of ways to create originality. You can wear the neckerchief tied close to your neck, you can tie it like a cravat, or you can drape it loosely around your neck. Here are some photos of people wearing the neckerchief to take inspiration from:

The neckerchief can be used to add a dash of colour or texture to a look. Focusing on colourful prints and unique designs will allow you to add individual touches to a look. Opting for something plain won’t add a lot to a look, so opt for colour and prints. A neckerchief can also be used to create a statement, or it can be used to add a subtle touch. For example: Layering it underneath a shirt will create a subtle touch, where as tieing close to your neck will create more of a statement. It can also be used to help achieve add influence from trends, for example the Cowboy trend was extremely popular but imitating a Cowboy isn’t the look we’re going to be going for. A neckerchief can add a slight influence from trends, but won’t leave you looking like an imitation of a trend. Here are some of the best neckerchiefs on the market today.

So what do you think of the neckerchief? Is it for you or is it slightly to daring? Let us know!

Paul McGregor