Mens Fashion Trend: Dyed Clothing

Tie-dye t-shirts still reminds me of the psychedelic 60’s era – but for 2013 its been reborn; and it isn’t just tie-dye that is going to be in the stores over the next few months, we will see lots more experiments with dyes and use of colour such as the popular and my personal favourite dip-dye.

When I first noticed that tie-dye/dip-dye was making a comeback I was scared – I thought we were going to see people walking around in neon tie-dye t-shirts and taking the micro trend to an extreme; but I have been pleasantly surprised at how the trend has been portrayed. The bright colours are still around but people are embracing darker shades such as blacks and maroons teamed with leather jackets and drain-pipe jeans; sort of a cross between grunge and psychedelic. The bright coloured options are still about though – you just need a holiday tan to complete the look!!

mens dip die trend

Its not just plain t-shirts that have been given the 21st century dye treatment, I’ve seen lots of printed tees that have had a splash of colour added on to give it that edge – it is even something that anyone could try at home. Want to go for the DIY approach? Then here’s how:

If you are still a bit sceptical but would like to give the dyed trend a go, head to Topman have got some great examples of this in store and all at reasonable prices (usually from around £18), just chuck a pair of jeans on and then that’s your outfit sorted. Or like I already mentioned you could always try a homemade version, you can pick up plain white t-shirts from anywhere and that was you can experiment with different colours and dying techniques – and there’s no chance you will run into someone wearing the same thing!

The key to this trend is less is definitely more – you just want that one statement piece to make your outfit stand out, be it a t-shirt under a leather jacket, a shirt paired with some jeans or even a handkerchief tucked into a suit jacket. Just stick to one piece and no need to go overboard on the accessories – this statement piece means you can let the outfit speak for itself, no need to clutter up the look.

With this rubbish weather bringing everyone’s mood down I think a splash of colour would do everyone the world of good, and what better way go get bright colours (without looking too crazy) than some bright dyed t-shirts?! Its worth a try – and if you don’t like it then you can always give it to your girlfriend to wear around the pool on holiday! Here are some product picks to consider:

vintage denim jacketgrey dipdye tshirt

leaf print tshirtnavy dipdye shirt

dip dye printdip dye crew tee was

contrast polo shirtcrew neck sweatshirt