Men’s Fashion Magazine Versus The Gadget Show

In the Gadget Show’s now legendary Versus Special, the show’s 4 presenters go up against the professionals to try and beat them at their own game, taking on jobs they have absolutely no experience of whatsoever. This time, host Craig Charles puts all his (somewhat limited) skills to the test in the field of male grooming, taking on a team of stylists from Men’s Fashion Magazine to get a pair of male models ready for their photo shoot. But only one will grace the pages of MFM. Can Craig use all the tech at his disposal to make his handsome chap even handsomer and win over the magazine’s bosses?

Our team at Men’s Fashion Magazine were invited to spend the day at The Gadget Show to take part in their iconic Versus Special. Following their strict challenge, we took on the task of using our tips and tricks to beautiful our designated model. With the power of their natural skill, our brilliant beauty team excelled and used their talents to beautify their twin, whilst competitor Craig Charles had the help of a few gadgets. These two teams will then face the Magazine’s Content Manager, Hannah, to battle each other out for reigning Grooming Champion and best styling result.

To let you decide along with us, here is the selection of final images our judge, Hannah, had to choose from. These images are unedited to reflect the true final outcome and result of the styling from both teams. Let us know which styled look you think is the winner and we will debut ours towards the end of the article.

As you can see, there is a clear difference in both stylings, however they both have their strengths. Personally, we believe one is definitely more refined and perfected, a smoother complexion and tone with a tousled and laid-back hair styling. The other, slightly more gritty and raw, with rather uneven skin tone and vibrancy within the evident teeth whitening.

Final Chosen Winning Image

After an intense deliberation, our judge and content manager, Hannah, decided upon this final image to be her winning styling shot. The perfected skin tone and effortless hair styling helped her in the deciding vote.


Although we are, somewhat relieved, and pleased to be the winning team, we would also like to pay major respects to our competitor Craig and his team of gadgets. His efforts should be celebrated and praised as the slick back 1950’s hair style was a favourite of our judge, however his ill-prepared tanning skills was the definite factor that let him down.

Here are some behind the scenes shots:

Our team, made up of our wonderful Make-up Artist Phillippa Utley (@makeupbyphillippa), and our brilliant barber and hair stylist Oscar Mcmillan (@oscarblends), versus Craig and his futuristic robotic team of tech…

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Who do you think is the true winner? Will it be true tech or true talent?

You decide..

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