Men’s Fashion Ideas for Autumn & Winter

With autumn in full swing and winter around the corner, you may be looking to upgrade your wardrobe for the coming seasons. Here are a few trends and ideas to take your closet to the next level for the rest of the year.


Purple is the go-to colour for men’s fashion over autumn and winter. Whether it be one of the many casual mens Diesel t-shirts, a tie, or even a full three-piece suit, you can’t go wrong with a classic deep shade of purple. If that is too bold for you, think smaller; combining purple socks with a more neutral outfit is a brilliant way to add a pop of colour without fully committing to it.  


Made famous in the 90s, the grunge look is back and better than ever. Not only is it an alternative style that most people can pull off, but it is also one you can keep throughout autumn and the colder months. Considering it is partly created through layering, you can easily add or remove an item depending on the weather while keeping the look intact. 

Oversized Overcoats

Every man should own at least one overcoat, and with these staples now combined with the oversized look, they are more chic than ever. Once again, overcoats are a great item to have in your wardrobe due to their versatility. You can wear one when it’s chilly or snowing, dress it up or down, and it is at home in the boardroom or at a restaurant for a date or an event. 

Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is another classic item that has recently seen a resurgence. Much like the overcoat, it is versatile and can fit into almost any wardrobe, regardless of your taste or style. You can pair it with shorts for more of a sports luxe look or with a pair of chinos or pants for a more semi-casual outfit. Considering they often come in various colours and designs and are affordable, you can easily make them statement pieces in an autumn/winter capsule wardrobe.

Chelsea Boots

Far too many men still don’t own a good pair of stylish boots, and that should change over the coming months. Chelsea boots are easily one of the most stylish shoes you could own and some of the most versatile. They work well with casual outfits and suits, can comfortably be worn for hours on end, and the only thing you probably can’t do in them is run; they are the Swiss Amry Knife of shoes.

As you can see, levelling up your wardrobe for autumn and winter is far easier than you may think, and these items will instantly add a layer of style you never knew you possessed.