Mens Fashion Basics: Shirt Detailing

Sometimes it’s the subtle and small details that create the biggest impact and give that quirky and unique edge to your style. Here at MFM we want you to be able embrace and express your unique and individual style, and hopefully give you a push forward in the right direction of how to do this and where to shop. So today we are focusing on subtle and delicate details on shirts that can completely transform a garment and give a new, fresh take on your individual look.

MFM is always on the lookout for new styles and innovations in fashion and inspired by unique and new fashion designers.

For instance, London based designer Massimo has created his S/S 13 collection “MCG” based on the idea of creating a new shirt for the modern man. It includes layering, blocking, double yokes in gentle shades of white in striped and checked cottons. This gave us the inspiration to put together this piece focusing on detailing on shirts, showing you that a shirt isn’t just a shirt.

So what can we look out for?

Buttons & Fastenings

Something that’s often overlooked is how a shirt is fastened. It tends to be via buttons down the centre of the shirt, but a lot of designers are implementing new ways to introduce buttons and fastenings onto shirts. It can be coloured buttons that contrast against the main colour of the shirt, the buttons could be made out of a unique material, they could appear in a different alignment to the centre of the shirt alongside shirts using other fasteners such as zips or poppers. These are all finer details which we should pay attention too, and they can often draw more attention towards your shirt than if it was a typical shirt. Think about it, a white shirt with plain buttons down the centre of the shirt will not look as unique as a white shirt with wooden buttons slightly off centre, with larger spacing in between each button. There’s a huge difference, but a lot of men don’t tend to think about it too much. The smaller details are what define our style, it adds individuality and keeps us away from falling into the group of imitating styles.

white polka dot shirtohio structure cotton

blue denim stitch shirtdanbury shirt

Colours & Prints

The main focus of a shirt tends to be the colour or design, therefore we can use this to our advantage and focus on the colour or print of the shirt to show we’ve paid attention to detailing. For example, a white shirt with colour on the collar is detailing, a print on the pocket is detailing, colour on the buttons are detailing… There are so many options we should look out for. Take a look to see what prints are on trend currently and look to add inspiration from a certain trend through the shirt you wear.

tyson long sleeve shirtblack contrast collar shirt

paint print shirtpanelled cotton shirt


The typical shirt is made from cotton, but the variety available to us in today’s market means we don’t have to stick to cotton. Look towards materials that offer a different dimension to your look, such as leather, denim, silk or velvet. Opting towards different materials and combining a variety of textures to your look adds to the whole feel of the outfit, and gives a gentle nod to the heritage trend (especially in winter). Don’t just stick to cotton, widen your horizons and look for different textures to show you’ve paid attention to the finer details. It could even be a cotton shirt with leather detailing on the cuffs… The opportunities are endless.

slim fit leather shirtslim fit poplin shirt

red acid denim shirtkhaki twill overshirt

A shirt isn’t just a shirt, and you should focus your attention towards the detailing of that shirt. Whether it’s the material, the way it fastens, the colour, the print or even the craftsmanship of the shirt… the finer details will always make you stand out from the rest. It shows you’ve paid attention to creating your own style, rather than imitating others.