Men’s Fall Fashion: What to Wear this Fall 2022?

As soon as the fall season begins, fashion savvy men can not wait but bring their splendid fall staples back into the rotation. From chunky knit sweaters, cardigans, and vests, to dashing leather jackets, it’s a galore of eye pleasing fashion trends that ooze style, comfort, and coziness. Fall accessories too play a significant role in rounding off the perfect looks, which may make quite a few hearts miss a beat.

Here’s the tell all for men’s fall fashion for 2022, so that you can be the trendsetting dapper on the streets. 

Before enlisting the clothing essentials, footwear, and accessories, we highly recommend curating a fall wardrobe in a way that will reflect your personal style. Go for well fitted jeans, custom leather jacket, shirts, and knitwear in colors that make your personality shine.

Reigning Wardrobe Staples for Men in Fall 2022

The realm of men’s fashion keeps evolving with inspirations drawn from street style from fashion capitals, celebrity styles, and significant social media. Every year, street fashion looks, fashion show runways, and social media fashion influencers inundate us with contemporary fall looks. Most of them are a marvelous fusion of many new and existing trends, which we instantly want to replicate. 

To keep your fashion loving soul satiated, we have laid down the most essential (and the most fashionable) clothing and accessories. You can master the casual style and smart casual style fall outfits by getting your hands on these staples. Check out our Shein Coupon for an added discount on effortlessly achieving your Fall style.


Usually, every man will have shirts and t-shirts in a much higher number in his wardrobe than any other form of clothing. This is primarily due to the fact that shirts make the foundation of an outfit, a factor that compels us to keep many different types. We suggest focusing on the quality and styling range of a shirt or t-shirt rather than having a maximalist approach. 

This fall, keep a few henleys in neutral colors like navy, beige, or grey, along with your basic white and black v-neck or crew neck tees. Add up some classic flannel shirts, a few full sleeved polos, and a denim shirt and chambray shirt to the collection. It is also recommended to go for cotton button downs, such as the trendy western shirt, as they will layer efficiently along with your cozy knitwear and jackets. 


Moving on to the knitwear, we know a man can’t do without his comfy sweaters and suave turtlenecks. No fall wardrobe will be complete without the choicest knitted staples, such as black, white, and grey ribbed high neck sweaters. You must also keep a few cable knit sweaters to shield yourself from the chilly fall wind. These sweaters in different styles, colors, and knits give you a range of styling opportunities, with jeans, khakis, and jackets of different kinds. 

Another type of knitted garment all the rage for this year as well as the versatile sweater vests. For moderately cool days, you can wear them over shirts and polos. Hoodies are also an immensely popular fall staple, known for their laid-back as well as athletic vibes. Not only they are super comfortable, but they can be layered over and under a variety of different clothing. 


Having a well chosen variety of pants is the best way to create fall outfits that will show you as a fashionable guy. Invest in sturdy, versatile bottom wear that would battle the cold weather effectively while being no less in terms of style. 

Jeans are the ultimate pick for most of your looks, with slim fit and straight leg styles ruling the streets. Not only do they pair well with oversized sweaters and all types of jackets, but they also give the right look to your boots and sneakers. 

If the fall weather in your area is fairly cool, twill chinos may be a good option for you. Alternatively, you can go for khaki pants and wool trousers for dapper looks. 

The trend of athleisure wear is huge these days, so a pair of joggers is a must for your fall outfits. Men love creating a fit and fabulous look with a hoodie and joggers along with a cool leather jacket in a contrasting hue. 

Go for corduroy pants for the up-to-date styling needs during fall, while cargo pants would be nice for casual street looks. 


Can’t imagine fall fashion without some great jackets, can we? While an array of jackets in various styles, fits, and materials may perplex you to pick the right one, it is best to stay with the classics with a slight hint of ongoing trends here and there. Leather jackets are indispensable for fall fashion for men, and no one can deny this fact. They are the classic layering option for fall, but they will always look like the latest thing whenever you wear them. 

We recommend going for a leather bomber or a hooded biker jacket in black or brown as they are incredibly versatile. Apart from that, we reckon that going for edgy and luxe jackets, like a studded leather jacket, and a quilted leather jacket would be a great option to nail the attention grabbing look. 

Apart from leatherwear, you must have a rain jacket in your wardrobe for fall. Go for patterned rain jackets to infuse the right amount of vogue along with functionality. Other options are shackets which will serve lightweight layering when required or a wool overcoat for those chilly days and nights. Keep a great windbreaker and a wool lined denim trucker jacket in your closet to elevate your style.


To go with your fall outfits, you need splendid shoes to make sure your looks are cohesive and absolutely infallible. There can be a lot of options for the type of shoes that men can opt for fall, but we suggest three of the most versatile footwear. With the right leather shoes, you can win the style game unanimously, so consider going for leather sneakers

You should also own a nice pair of boots that are trending high, such as leather Chelsea boots, chukka boots, or fashionable cowboy boots. These, or your minimal horse-bit loafers will complete your fall fits nicely. 


Keep a range of easily matched accessories to ensure your fall looks will be unmissable. A lightweight wool scarf, a few beanies, sunglasses, leather strap, and metal watches, all are great accessories that will go well with your outfits. Get inspired by Italian men and keep a nice fall appropriately hat in your wardrobe. 

Final Word

Fall trends that men can follow without any fear of judgment are many, definitely beyond the scope of this blog. We have summed up the fall essentials for this year to give a kickstart to the fashion-conscious men’s styling journey.