The Never Ending Trend: Desert Boots

Desert boots have been popular since they first came about, but this season I don’t know one man who hasn’t had his interest sparked by the 1940’s boot this season. The boot was heavily inspired by the chukka boot, which was worn by English soldiers in the Egyptian desert in world war 2. Reviews, and my boyfriend, admit that the shoes are surprisingly comfortable and they feel on trend when they wear them.

The most recent classic design is the Clarks originals which has been re invented for this season in plenty of variations, including suede’s, leathers, mixed colours and leafy crushed fabrics. This is a particularly popular design that real fashion conscious men will be wearing this season. I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a choice for every man considering the sheer amount of choice in the current market. Last season they were seen in very muted neutral browns and burnt beige’s. However, this season they are available in brandy reds, navy blues and the classic winter shade, black. They also look a lot more hard wearing, which makes them perfect for the winter months.

As comfy as the boots are, are they practical? Reviews show the crepe soles are notoriously slippery in the wet weather, I suppose a boot named after the dry-est place in the world wasn’t specifically designed for English weather. Older designs are probably not the best for wearing in the winter, however newer styles seem a little more robust.

The boots haven’t just been seen in men’s fashion either, in 2010 the shoes were heavily on trend for women, with even Primark getting involved and selling them in the women’s section.

If you want to look great in desert boots but aren’t quite brave enough to wear them in a bright colour I would suggest a brown pair like those you can buy on ASOS with up to date carrot jeans and a striped crew neck would be a great seasonal and on trend look.


For those of you who are more adventurous try the brand red Clarks with skinny jeans in a stone wash with an oversized winter jumper for a quirky cool winter style.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of desert boots on men. They have timeless appeal and all of the variations make them easy to wear with anything. They may be the perfect versatile boot.

By Jo Martin