SS12: Men’s Coloured Trousers

When the spring/summer around the corner, it’s common that we see a huge influx of bright colours. A typical way to implement colour into your look is through a shirt or t-shirt, but today we’re going to be discussing ways to inject a pop of colour into your wardrobe this season with some colour trousers! The perfect way to bring an element of fun and uniqueness to your style this season, and you can carry it on through to the summer. Bright paintbox colours give a varied option for men’s trousers and jeans, as coloured bottoms will remain as a staple style for seasons ahead. With popular products such as chinos and skinny jeans being transformed and updated with a touch of colour.

Working through the main primary colours, red is still a dominant colour within men’s fashion but the colour ranges across the board from scarlet denim – still a strong colour from last winter to faded rose coloured chinos, for a fresher look.

Mustard yellow brings a more classic and muted colour injection to the trend, becoming more popular with the young menswear market when it’s usually associated with the older menswear market. Mustard chinos have become an innovation for men’s style, being slightly eccentric and unique it’s a sure fashion statement that’s going to stay around for a while. As there are many alternative forms and shades of mustard chinos, they are wearable all year round to brighten up your style in winter and lighten up your summer. Plus you can create a number of different styles with just one pair of mustard chinos, as they team well with most t-shirts and shirts for a smarter look.

In addition, the other main colour that is popular in menswear this season is bright turquoise going through to cerulean shades. Giving a fresh and lively update to the traditional denim washes to create a more youthful look.

Whichever colour you decide to wear, there is a few ways the classic chinos have been developed and styled giving you more choice and variation – no wonder they are so popular! Firstly, there is the drop crotch designed to give you extra comfort and a more relaxed look to show your style.

The cuffed chinos style, to give that extra styling detail and perfect for providing maximum comfort and warmth, that stay in a comfortable position all day.

Also, there is the slim fit chinos which is one of the most popular styles seen within men’s fashion. Perfect choice to bring a slim, slick and tidy effect to your style.


By Rachael Flynn