Men’s Casual Style Guide for 2021 by Suit Direct

When it seems like business and special occasions have ground to a halt, it’s fair to say that casual wear is rapidly becoming the wardrobe of choice for even the most fashionable, discerning gentleman. With suits staying on the hangers, ties resting in the drawers and patent leathers sticking on the shoe racks, more and more trendsetters are dressing for the days that really count; the day to day.

Suit Direct aren’t just suits and tailoring – they have a huge range of men’s casualwear and laid back wardrobes, too, with key styles and top picks from bestselling brands that are recognisable around the world.

Harrington Jackets

The Harrington Jacket is one of the peaks of authentic apparel, with a history dating back sixty years and a heritage of celebrities. This jacket signified the ultimate in bad boy attitude – picked up by Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, Oasis and more over the years, it’s a versatile, rugged style that’s just right for layering up in that awkward weather between frigid winter and October sun.

With a range of colours and styles, the Harrington jacket is a style that never goes out fashion. Lots of brands have picked it up, but the absolute classic for us has to be Ben Sherman, who still keep it in that boxy, premium cotton shape that made the jacket a legend.

Mac and Parka Jackets

Continuing the outerwear theme, their expanded range of jackets is no slouch. Suit Direct’s market leading range includes Ben Sherman’s ever-exemplary mac and parka jackets, versatile pieces of mod style heritage with weather resistant, warming styles that prove that fashion doesn’t rest, no matter how bitter the winter becomes.

The parka has a history in the modernist era, when young rebels started taking on military surplus for their ride outs to the coast. It’s still every bit as unique and versatile as it has been since day one, and still makes a real stand out for those bitter days where the weather is unloading everything it can.

The field jacket – or utility jacket – is another prime example, layered up with four pockets on the front. The field jacket is a real trusty companion, ideal for taking your must haves along for the ride.


On the opposite theme, with current events, it’s no surprise that loungewear is one of the fastest growing menswear categories in the market. If you’re stuck doing zoom calls instead of suiting up for the office, Suit Direct is here to make sure that isn’t as big as downgrade as it might seem!

Suit Direct have a huge selection of men’s loungewear ranging from comfy hoodies and tees to pyjama trousers and shorts, made of soft touch cottons to keep your laid back wardrobe every bit as comfortable and stylish as you deserve it to be.

With fabulous heritage checks from Racing Green, stretch tees from Jeff Banks and more, their casual menswear range is a perfect way to style out your stay at home look.


If you’re eager to keep the thermostat down while at home, there’s nothing wrong with layering up in knitwear, sweatshirts and more. The absolute pick of the litter for layering has to be Suit Direct’s range of merino sweatshirts and jumpers.

Merino wool is naturally fine, soft, lightweight and insulated – perfect for chilling at home without literally chilling! With v-neck jumpers, crew neck sweaters and button up cardigans, Suit Direct’s range of merino knits will make an instant winner for your remote working repertoire.

Of course, we’re not just talking merino. Suit Direct’s cotton knits include sweatshirts, hoodies, cardigans and zip fastening jumpers, too, with brands ranging from Jeff Banks – one of the UK’s most legendary designers, and Selected Homme – their latest arrivals from the Danish specialists in minimalist, fashionable, renewable styles.

Casual Shirts

And, of course, the casual shirt is something they’ve no shortage of. Their casual button up shirts range in style and prints enormously, with ginghams, checks, florals and more inspired by decades of designer expertise. Whether it’s an Oxford shirt with a button down collar, or a Stvdio button up from Jeff Banks, Suit Direct’s shirt range is ideal for making your daily look one of individuality and flourish.

Jeff Banks’ Stvdio shirts are arguably some of the finest in the world, loaded with detail, with a focus on comfort and quality. Each shirt is interlined, with contrasting details in the buttons, threads and collar to really make it a unique winner – boasting a touch of rebellion, a touch of trendsetting style and a real feel for something interesting, unique and loaded with character.

Suit Direct’s name might seem like a bit of a misnomer; the reality is that they’re dedicated to dressing men well in all manner of menswear – with regular special offers, a constantly evolving product catalogue and a huge range of top brands.

Whether you’re looking to button up in style or take on a more unique attitude to your loungewear, we’re content that Suit Direct will have something that keeps you looking your best – whether it’s a zoom call, hangouts or a socially distanced trip to the pub.