MELITTA: Take a look at this limited edition exclusive: Purista® Series 300 fully automatic coffee machine

Is this the ultimate coffee machine for the perfect cup of joe? You can take your coffee experience to the next level when you buy this PuristaJubilee coffee machine that provides a whole lot of extra features.

You can get your perfect morning fix with this amazing Purista® automatic coffee machine, boatinga whisper quiet grinder, so no noise when you’re making that late night coffee whilst everyone is sleeping, offering you consistent results without the fuss. And LED-symbol display so you don’t have to turn the light on either!

You cannot beat this coffee machine for bean-to-cup facilities that will deliver freshly ground beans, with its five grinder settings, you can get freshly ground from whole beans. And everytime you just press the button, the Purista® Jubilee boasts a favourite coffee feature that will save your preferred coffee strength and amount. The rest is done by your fully automatic coffee machine, and another feature, from the aroma-extraction-system you can get more flavour with pre-brewing. The freshly ground coffee is moistened with water before brewing, so that the flavours dissolve better and you get the benefits straight in your coffee cup!

A perfect feature for those that want to drink coffee in the morning, or any time, with a programmable coffee machine in which you can get your coffee shop favourite in seconds. 

What coffee do you fancy? From the two classics of  espresso and café crème  you can sit back and enjoy an even better developed coffee aroma, with a new pump control system that enables an ideal contact time between the water and coffee. This will make sure that this coffee machine can supply you with the coffee you really want to drink. And on saying that this Purista® coffee machine will give you adjustable coffee strengths. So, if you like a strong coffee in the morning but a gentler taste in the evening you can adjust the intensity of the coffee strength from mild, medium or strong, and the amount of coffee. Simple, quick and easy.

The Purista® Jubilee comes in a very needed slim style, it’s only 20cm wide, with a unique matte black surface with contrast golden elements! 

Melitta® are celebrating 111 years of pure coffee enjoyment. There is only 2016 of the Purista® fully automatic coffee machines produced worldwide, so snap your up now and enjoy the perfect coffee, every time.

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