Meet The Uunique London Nutrisiti Range

With every new season comes the latest range of temptations from your favourite shops and brands – and phone cases are no exception. Que the latest delights from the Uunique London team, introducing us to a plethora of designs and colours available in their exclusive new Nutrisiti range.

So, what makes this range so special you ask? Well, a considered thought for the environment is key with these designs, visible in the 100% biodegradable design and materials. A zero-waste approach is apparent, with sustainable fashion playing a huge role in the production and development of each case. Couple that with +protection and scratch resistance materials and these cases are a tech-lovers dream. It’s safe to say you won’t find a better partner for your phone than a Uunique case.


If that’s not enough, the team at Uunique have created a beautiful array of colours to compliment the unique designs and superior quality… you just need to choose your shade. From Olive black for those sophisticated slickers amongst you to Coral Lychee for those in need of a pop of colour, there is a shade to suit everyone.

We’re particularly drawn to the Green olive (pictured above) and Blue berry hues… perfect for making a statement this summer and beyond! If you’re more of a cool cat then why not enjoy rich purple plum, or if you’re feeling extra bold, the pink dragon-fruit shade! Whatever your choice, it’s sure to wow.

PLUS keep your eyes peeled – Uunique will be bring you their 100% biodegradable leather phone cases soon!