There we go, diving headfirst into the realm of business casual, and today, we’re unravelling the secrets of giving a light-coloured blazer a stylish twist that’s far from preppy. Italians, renowned for their passion for life and style, have elevated pairing a suit jacket with different pants into an art form known as “spezzato.” In English, we can refer to it as “the jacket,” a mastery of harmoniously mixing mismatched suits and trousers. Versatile, endlessly chic, and now a part of contemporary culture, the art of mismatching is the key to unlocking elegance infused with your unique touch of creativity.

The broken suit offers a canvas for combining colours and patterns with more freedom than the rigidity of traditional business attire. Think pastel colours, brown shoes, loafers, and shirts that adapt to the seasons. Yet, navigating this terrain with finesse is crucial, avoiding fashion faux pas.

Tan blazers are frequently perceived as having a more relaxed vibe than their counterparts in other hues, so it’s essential to pair them with more formal trousers. Opting for chinos is an excellent choice since they exude a laid-back appearance yet possess the versatility to adapt to various occasions. When wearing a tan blazer with chinos, aim to maintain a straightforward colour scheme; shades of blue, green, or black can be instrumental in crafting a harmonious and cohesive look.

Invest in a well-fitted tan blazer and trousers, and let’s focus on a statement piece – the tan, double-breasted blazer. Traditionally associated with summer escapades in Nantucket, this blazer takes on a new persona when worn with swagger for your next night out; avoid the expected oxford shirt, white jeans, and crepe-sole shoes. Instead, reach for a black v-neck T-shirt, chinos, and high-shine sneakers. Pairing separates and experimenting with colour combinations requires attention to detail—you wouldn’t want to pair a winter jacket with summer trousers or vice versa.

Tone-on-tone is possible but can be risky; when matching colours, ensure they are in harmony, with bright shades complementing each other and lighter hues doing the same if you want that contemporary twist, consider chinos or even a pair of jeans, and if you’re feeling old-school, opt for lightly faded jeans (sans rips) in any season. 

Upgrade the look with a touch of masculine jewellery, and you’re ready for a night at the jazz club rather than the golf course. With this newfound knowledge on how to make the most of your tan jacket—from day to night, dockside to curbside—you may be tempted to invest more in this essential wardrobe. After all, mastering the art of the tan jacket is a sartorial journey worth embarking upon.