Masculine Elegance: A Guide to Men’s Diamond Wedding Rings

META: If you like the idea of incorporating a diamond to your wedding band, take a look at our tips on how to do it right.

IMAGE: (Unsplash)

Typically, diamonds aren’t marketed to men in a simple and elegant way. You either see people blinged out so much their collection looks fake (whether it is or not), or nothing at all. Even weddings feature a diamond on the finger of the bride and a wedding “band” on the finger of the groom, traditionally.

We say “traditionally” because that might be changing. Diamond wedding rings have become an increasingly popular choice for modern grooms who want a ring that makes a statement. Diamonds convey prestige, elegance, and enduring commitment. Historically, diamonds are presented to a bride to express love through its beauty, financial security through its value and commitment through its reputational durability. Why shouldn’t the men of the world enjoy these promises in a single fashionable statement too?

If you like the idea of incorporating a diamond to your wedding band, take a look at our tips on how to do it right.

Choose your metal wisely

Choosing the metal for your diamond wedding band might simply come down to what you instinctively prefer, but there are things to consider behind your choices. The personal ones are about what looks best to your eye, whether or not to match your fiancée’s wedding band or engagement ring, and what you can see yourself wearing to style or avoid clashing with it.

White gold was considered the modern trend for a while there. It’s still a relatively modern choice compared to yellow gold, but yellow gold is seeing a rise in trends right now. White gold has a sleek look that allows the diamonds to take center stage. It’s also durable and won’t tarnish, making it a good choice for hands-on workers.

Whereas yellow gold is the only option with warmth to it, making it a good choice if you want to warm up your look. It’s also traditional, adding more meaning to the band and is therefore considered timeless.

And then there is platinum, which is strong, bright white and hypoallergenic. Additionally, it goes well with the brilliance of diamonds and is considered prestigious.

Some popular diamond wedding band styles

Men’s diamond rings often feature simple, bold designs that align with a masculine aesthetic – such as a classic domed band or beveled edge ring accented with diamonds. Popular styles are micro-pavé, channel set or hammered finishes. But what do any of those mean? We have a breakdown.


The Micro-pavé setting features tiny diamonds closely set together to create a continuous glittering surface across the band. The diamonds are beaded into place for a seamless finish, which allows men’s rings to shine without being overly flashy.

Hammered finish

A hammered metal finish has a mottled, slightly dented look. This gives men’s rings texture and added visual interest and a more rustic appeal. Often diamonds are inset into hammered bands for contrast and extra sophistication.

Domed band

A smoothly rounded, dome-shaped band has a bold but understated look and a classic for men’s special wedding rings, like the ones offered by Best Brilliance. Make yours stand out by adding diamonds for accent on the top of the dome, or wrap halfway around the sides for a classy statement.

Beveled edge

A ring with a beveled inner and/or outer edge creates slanted facets along the band. Diamonds placed into these beveled edges add dimension and a tailored style.

The key is to select diamond pieces in sleek, sophisticated shapes and settings to convey masculine elegance.

Where else can you add some bling as a man?

Here are some other ways to incorporate diamonds into your attire in an elegant way:

Diamond cufflinks

Diamond cufflinks add sophistication to a dress shirt. Opt for simple, geometric designs or an intricate deco style for something particularly masculine. White gold or platinum pair best with diamond accents. There are also diamond shaft cufflinks which have diamonds running down the interior link shafts. They discreetly showcase diamonds at the wrists.

Diamond watch

If you like the idea of diamonds at the wrists, you can’t go wrong with a diamond encrusted watch. A watch with diamond markers or a pave diamond bezel makes a high-end statement. You’re pairing something that is supposed to be expensive with a very valuable gem. Bracelet or leather strap styles work well to keep the overall aesthetic sleek.

Diamond lapel pin

An understated diamond lapel pin polishes off a suit. Go for a small, tasteful design instead of anything flashy or oversized.

Diamond tie bar or tack

A diamond-accented tie bar adds flair while keeping a tie in place. Scatter small diamonds across a bar or choose a singular marquise shape. Additionally, you can consider a diamond collar stay, with a row of diamonds to lend formal shirts some sparkle.


A wedding band is already loaded with symbolism. The unending circle symbolizes eternal love and to add diamonds to it represents strength, clarity, and brilliance – qualities one strives for in marriage. This is a simple but impactful way to make your wedding band extra special and add a bit of sparkle and value to your everyday wearing.