Masami – The Ultimate in Botanically Hydrated Hair

Having a bad hair day?

Feel that you need to move on from your usual shampoo, conditioners and styling creams? Whether your hair is dry, damaged or even oily, you need a shampoo to suit that condition, to make it feel good and appear as healthy as possible.

Masami is one of the best hair care companies out there with shampoos and conditioners to give you the ultimate hydrated hair. Using Wakame seaweed from rich seas of Northeastern Japan, where three waters of the world meet, making the seas rich in nature and beauty. This seaweed is a sea miracle known for its health giving properties, inspiring Masami to bring you the best hair products.

The Japanese believe oil removes oil, and that’s why Japanese hair products usually contain natural oils rather than harsh chemicals to cleanse the hair and scalp. Mekabu, is the lower part of the Wakame seaweed, a unique botanical filled with an abundance of slimy goodness, super-rich in algae, vitamins and minerals that provide all the hydration, shine and softness to your hair fibres. Other great good-for-you ingredients are, blueberry extract, aloe and grapeseed oil and japonica laminaria. So no phthalates or sulfates and parabens.

Always vegan and cruelty free.

Mekabu Hydrating Shampoo

A great shampoo that’s great for colour-treated hair, enriched with mekabu seaweed, apricot oil, coconut oil and laminaria japonica, provide nutrients and vitamins, all of which are key to growing healthy hair and instead of leaving your hair dry, it will keep it in top hydrated condition.

For best results you don’t need a lot of shampoo as it’s low in foaming and leaves your hair with a gorgeous smell. Be gone Salons!

Masami Hydrating Conditioner

Again the matching conditioner is great for colour-treated hair, and fortified by the hydrating qualities of the ocean botanical Mekabu seaweed aloe vera, blueberry extract, vitamin B and other powerful antioxidants. This conditioner is great for restoring softness and shine if your hair has gone dry and lost its lustre, and with a refreshing scent it’s excellent for soothing your scalp. 

For best results leave in for 1-3 minutes after shampooing and use daily or regularly for long lasting hydration.

Mekabu Hydrating Styling Cream

This styling cream will give you that hair look messy, sleek or if you need anything to tame that flyaway hair and if you’re looking for a gentle hold then this styling cream is the one! With Mekabu and aloe vera for added hydration, vitamin C, grapeseed and sweet almond oils will help give your hair that nourishment for root to tip. Non greasy, non sticky, beautifully lightweight, with benefits of wax, paste and cream to give you that feasible all-day hold. 

For best results you can use this styling cream on dry or damp hair.

If you have hair that needs that extra care, flat and listless, dry or or dull, these Masami bottles and jars of hair products will work like a miracle on you.

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