Marwood SS15 Collection Featuring John Tebbs

For their latest SS15 collection, luxury tie and accessory brand Marwood have collaborated with The Garden Edit’s John Tebbs, who has modeled their new range of casual yet refined accessories for this season.

marwood 22

The Garden Edit, a concept dedicated to selling thoroughly modern gardening products, has provided the inspiration for the campaign which features Tebbs in a series of artistic portraits, shot within a greenhouse and garden – Tebbs’ natural environment.

marwood 33

The idea of a traditional British gardener at ease serves as the central theme of the campaign, and is reflected in the Marwood collection which includes a number of classic pieces, styled casually, in a range of colours mirrored in the nature that surrounds Tebbs in the shots.

marwood 44

Vibrant oranges, pinks and blues make up most of the collection, and are contrasted together to create modern, eclectic looks that are worn with relaxed ease by Tebbs. Pink ties are used with blue, or else with orange and yellow, while woven textures in yellow and monochrome stand out against the formal tailoring with which they are paired.

marwood 55

There are also some unexpected combinations that lend a modern edge to the classic collection. The navy silk and denim mix tie is an example, combining sophistication with casual cool.

There is a sense of classic heritage to the collection, but the mixes of silks, lace, woven textures and denim bring these accessories up to date, while the vibrant sherbet colours give it a unique twist.

marwood 66

The collection is styled with supreme ease, with ties tucked into shirts half way down, and being tucked into jackets that have been wrapped around the waist; these are accessories that will look equally at home when paired with a suit or a bomber jacket.

The new collection is available from