Marshall Headphones Release Major II

If you are sick of the bad sound quality and uncomfortable, wedged-into-your-ears feeling that you get from ear headphones, you should take a look at the latest release from Marshall Headphones.

headphone 2

The Major II design is the latest technology from Marshall Headphones and a development from the team that brought us the original Marshall Major. The key to the new product is that it boasts updated sound, looks and durability as well as improved ergonomics which will leave you with a whole new level of listening.

The more advanced sound features of the newer model include customised drivers which deliver a deeper base and more extended detailed highs (which makes for a much more refined overall sound).

headphone 3

Although you may initially be turned off my headphones that you have to hold, and cannot conveniently hide away in your pocket, the Major II has a detachable double ended coil cord and a remote which are durable and easy to carry around.

Even better, is the dual 3.5mm jack which allows you to choose which side to wear your cable on, and you can share your music with a friend. Just what you need for those boring Tube journeys home after a long day.

headphone 4

As lovers of all things sleek and classic, we are big fans of the new design. The classic good looks of the original model, now have a more rounded construction and an extra durable vinyl finish.

The headphones will also adapt to your head shape for increased comfort during those long, lounging listening sessions. From £100.00 and available online at