Manscaping at its best

Body hair can become quite pervasive the older you get, when suddenly the smooth body that’s as fresh as a single daisy turns into a forest of overgrown wild brambles, and infiltrating parts of your body that previously seemed immune. Banish that cavalier attitude ‘rough and ready’ and don’t care really, and sort yourself out. 

Christmas is the time of giving, so stop being the prickly tree and make yourself the shiny bauble. To put it bluntly, when you trim the bush, the tree looks bigger. 

What are the reasons you should go smooth. Well, because it looks good on you, you’ll feel better, self esteem and self confidence and better sex. And a well groomed pubic area equals more sexual confidence, and that should lead to a more sexually confident you. You might now realise the impact that this box of tricks can be equipped with a really good trimmer to manscape your intimate jewels.

Yes, you could pop into your local wax parlour for some of it. Yes, your faithful barber can trim your beard, neck and nape, and sure you can grow that mat of hair on your back with reckless abandon. But here are BALLS we believe sometimes you need the help of a faithful friend. And, with a general understanding of your body hair, how to remove it or minimise it safely and cleanly all by yourself will benefit you and probably your bedfellow too.

So get ready for 2022 by getting into good grooming habits.

Some guys and/or their partners prefer a silky smooth sack, but if you’re going to do it, you’ve got to do it right. And how do you shave your balls? You can’t apply the same razor that you do to your face. You need a trimmer that is dedicated to doing the job. A trimmer will snip the hair super close to the skin without breaking the surface, so that you get that appearance and feeling of smoothness and ball hair is typically fine, sparse and flimsy so you won’t feel the same stubble-like nature as if you shave other parts of your body.

Our recommendation is the BALLS Trimmer. It’s a simple, safe, cordless, waterproof and shock resistant. The only shock you’ll get is how good you look!  Depending on your hair and body shape, giving yourself an added observable inch to your penis. Well that should get you whipping out our shavers. Keep that body well moisturised and smooth and you’ll be one happy man looking back at that naked bod in the mirror.

Got a mate that needs a bit of, you know, decluttering? Our recommendation is the BALLS Starter Kit. With everything you (if you get one for yourself) and him need to put your and his package first all year. The exclusive ball trimmer, the cleansing body wash, and the deodorising lotion. And a subscription for a new blade every three months. Super easy, no faff and worth it’s weight in gold. 

And if he nicks his sack, your money back. Check for details on that one.Recommendation: The BALLS Ultimate Package.

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