Mango’s Utilitarian Edit Is Here

We all know that Mango turn out quality, classic menswear on the regular, but this season they have outdone themselves. Their new collection “The Utilitarian” is designed with the intention of each and every piece to be worn together, so in theory, you create a capsule wardrobe by shopping from one brand and one collection.

Mango have never been the go-to brand for ostentatious clothing, but they are the place to go to for classic pieces in shades and hues that are going to blend beautifully with everything that you currently have in your wardrobe. This collection is no exception, keeping the palette clean and seasonal by using dark green, black, navy and beige, allowing the quality, cut and fabric of the pieces to do the talking whilst the deep shades provide the back up.

The stand out pieces for me have to be the knitwear, with everything from cardigans and roll necks to hoodies and v necks. This selection of knitwear allows for a multitude of outfits to be achieved with minimal effort. I am a firm believer that all great outfits start with a pair of well fitting trousers, any expansion from here should simple follow suit, and given the time of year, a knit of any kind from the new Mango range will see you right.

Written by Tom Loughran