MANGO Man: New Name For The Menswear Line

MANGO have decided to include all menswear under the same name of MANGO Man due to the strength of the MANGO brand. This change will be introduced globally in all countries in which the menswear collection is available.

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MANGO is currently home to over 207 stores across an impressive 42 different countries including the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Mexico and Chile, among others. In 2014 alone, the brand has added over 90 stores to its network and plans to end the year with 240 stores. If this wasn’t enough, the forecast for 2015 is to open 100 new stores.

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In 2013, the concept of megastores was founded where most, if not all, of the company’s brands were stocked in one shop. Following this, the group decided to unify the names of all its lines, with the exception of Violeta by MANGO, in order to bring them under a sole name. Currently, the MANGO name consists of MANGO, MANGO Man, MANGO Kids, and MANGO Sport & Intimates. MANGO Baby will be the next to join the list.

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The menswear brand was created in 2008, with a vision to provide a range of attire to clothe the modern gentleman. According to MANGO, its style is based on ‘updating the classics by giving them the required touch of fashion, adapting the trends to a simple, everyday and urban style’. We can certainly see this philosophy carried out across the clothing: the menswear brand has several lines in its stores to cater for the needs of its customers.

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These lines include a smart casual line with everyday garments that are essential to achieve a stylish yet laid back look. The casual line specialises in modern and youthful garments, perfect for the weekend. In addition, the Tailored line offers an impressive selection of elegant suits in different styles, cuts and prices.

Other lines include the trend line, offering more fashionable garments; Blacksmith, a more youthful denim line; and finally, the Performance line specialising in sportswear, which is divided into a training section and a running section.

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To have a look at the latest menswear on offer at MANGO Man, visit online. Mango may have changed the name of its menswear collections, yet its obsession with detail, style, and quality is as strong as it has always been.