Malta Nightlife

Malta gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1964 and ever since relations between the 2 countries has been good as gold. Indeed being an English visitor to Malta feels more like a home from home and how it should be the world over. With its stonking climate and desirable beaches this is a place for the holiday bound. One place in particular catches the imagination, not to mention the senses as well – when the sun goes down St Julians comes alive.

Paceville, a small town on the Maltese coast… size doesn’t matter here because this is the place to be by nightfall – all for one and one for all things fast and frivolous. Clubs, bars, restaurants a plenty in close proximity to the next… there is even a cute little artificial beach at the bottom of all this social excess – as some feel the need to ‘cool off’ after a heavy night of you know what.

image 1

And as you can see – some more than others gather here for a private party of their own, away from all the clubs buzzing glory. Those who have the pleasure of Malta at their beckoning call will undoubtedly feel the love from tourists and locals alike… there is no divide where social pleasantry is concerned – anyone and everyone can come together, get involved and have a very good time.

Even in the day it’s all about the lingering inevitability that is darkness and all that jazz brings, as I definitely felt a sense of 24-hour party people while walking the hungover streets at an unassuming time like 12noon. Yet Malta has many faces for a place so small, all it takes is a bus ride and you’ll be surprised at the way she takes you by the mood and makes your experience such an unforgettable, brilliant thrill.

Alone, amongst friends… it just doesn’t matter – Malta casts its ever so subtle, lasting charm over your senses, so much so she stays with you long after your visit to the Mediterranean island.

image 2

Plush is just one of the many nightclubs basking in Maltese heat…as for the streets, it’s always awash with the revellers as well as the jubilant locals.