Made in Britain: 10 Things That Make A British Person British

When people think of Britishness they have a very definitive view of what it means. But what, to use Britons makes us so delightfully British? What are the little pick-pockets that add up to our compact and delicate ways?

1. We Love To Talk About The Weather

british 1

Come rain or come shine, our little chit-chats in the street will, at some point, include a BBC-like weather forecast.

2. Our Love Of Cheap Foreign Holidays

british 2

We all love getting a tan, some more than others, but that DIY package holiday to Benidorm will see a plane full of us Brits. We’ll be ready to give our white bottoms some much needed vitamin D.

3. Road Rage

british 3

‘’What are you playing at you tw@t!’’ Yes, we’ve all seen ourselves behind the wheel slowly turn as green as the Incredible Hulk. We just can’t help it when the traffic starts to mount up and neighboring drivers begin to honk their horns in a mad frenzy.

4. We Are Overly Polite

british 4

It’s true, we just can’t get enough of saying sorry every day, even at times when it clearly wasn’t our fault. An average Briton probably says it at least a hundred times a day.

5. We Are Always Unhappy With Our Weight

british 5

We just can’t find the strength not to finish that tin of Quality Street that was left over from Christmas. It calls out to us, whispering sweet, sweet things to lure our hands back in. We binge on chocolate then undoubtedly feel sorry for ourselves a few hours later.

6. Our Meat & Two Veg

british 6

When it’s not a drunken stop at the Kebab house on our way home at 3am, we love to spend our Sundays swimming in gravy along with crispy roast potatoes and every type of meat imaginable.

7. Our Beloved Soaps

british 7

As a nation we love to sit back with a brew and hear about who Peggy Mitchell actually hasnt thrown out of her pub. When a British soap lover hears the word omnibus, well, let’s just say that the cupboard will soon be stocked up with McVities chocolate digestives and PG tips tea.

8. We Do Love A Good Bargain

british 8

Our eyes gleam with joy when we see that two for one offer, and when someone says ‘’buy one and get one free’’, well, it’s just sweet music to our ears. But please don’t cross our paths on Black Friday. We’ll do anything to get what we want.

9. Country Walks Followed By Afternoon Tea

british 9

No doubt you’ve already seen us in our Hunter wellington boots; throwing sticks for Pippin, the adventurous little Basset Hound. But walking through the countryside can be very tiring, so it’s no wonder we try and get those energy levels back up with unhealthy amounts of tea and scones.

10. The Royal Family

british 10

It we’re not going crazy about a wedding then it’ll be a royal baby. The majority of us do love to hear about what her Majesty gets up to on the weekend. No doubt we have at least one family member who has actual Royal Family drink coasters on the coffee table. But they’re just being showoffs.