LYLE & SCOTT: Is the‘80s fashion look being revived in 2022..?

Nostalgia is not everyone’s thing, but just sometimes making that connection for that era, the past and present is. Nostalgia for the 80s is so rampant this season that people who weren’t alive during the amazingly, glorious  decade like to celebrate as if they were there. Will the followers of the 80s decade  go back to tracksuits, legwarmers and oversized tops, and everything that you put on in the 80’s was so bright and vibrant that whatever you wore became your own lightsource.

The 1980s will always have that strong pull about self image and those who love that era will see the evolution that was always in the blood of Lyle & Scott and along with it came versatility with their new SS22 collection, that will undoubtedly seal the brand into the wardrobes of many, who cherished the label’s stance on classic styling, allowing for an effortless look.

This new collection draws on their archive of icon pieces from 1986 with another bold step forward with the 80s vibe fused with a modern street-savvy edge. A palette of soft pastel hues, paired with vibrant reds and period colourways. These colours capture the season and complement each other, with an easy transition of effortless mixing and matching of various pieces, providing fashion-led pieces for a confident modern consumer, whilst remaining true to the brands rich history. Yeah, it’s in Lyle & Scott’s DNA.

This season is all about sport casual-wear silhouettes, opting for more sporty loose fitting, functional fabrics and colours, elevated trim and finish, Lyle & Scott have always been clean cut, crisp and elegantly simple, with jeans wear and iconic t-shirts that have been the mainstay for decades, coming in with printed stripes and a loose fit for optimal comfort and everyday styling from their Archive collection, that will see any guy through spring and summer and beyond.

Preppy style: They perfect it and these days everybody’s stealing it. Don’t be too literal, transitioning the old preppy style to a more modern and youthful silhouette. The traditionalism of preppy colours, apparel and colours should inspire you guys to take on this modern design from Lyle & Scott. It was the classic pique polos shirt that effortlessly showcased their ambition to chase timeless style, simple and elegant it will always continue to prove itself as one of the ultimate wardrobe allies promising a sharp cut and timeless style that will never fall out of place. And if you’re going to look at wearing a polo shirt that works well with these casual looks, keep them in the more traditionalist colours for a more refined touch.

With a penchant for original styles knitwear, from classic preppy cardigans, everyday knitwear and maximilisitic prints, these standout pieces with shots of very seasonal vibrant colours and shorts, hoodies that has the 80s summer skater feel, leave the past behind and move on to better times, in the future. 2022 is set to be a great year for you guys.

LYLE & SCOTT: ‘We are the ‘80s and the ‘80s are us.’