Lyle And Scott Navy Lucas Dressing Gown

When you need something to throw on, other than your clothes, then there is nothing better that a dressing gown made for doing absolutely nothing in. It’s time to get cosy. The weather is cold, and as the temperature drop and indoor activities start reclaiming your social calendars, let us reintroduce you to the bathrobe.

There is something comforting about the dressing gown, but this super towelling one, will make you feel like a boss in your own home, whether at home with the wife or the girlfriend or your mates coming by, just throw on this good looking dressing gown. Not any bathrobe but the Lyle and Scott ‘Lucas’ dressing gown, in a soft-touch cotton mix with its signature logo on the chest, big pockets to store your phone and anything else you need.

This dressing gown is the one that you can shrug on when you are changing from one set of clothes to another, when it comes to home comfort, it is far better to slip into something that looks and feels like that’s your kind of off-duty sportswear.

Swankier than your boxer shorts, and cosier than that old sweatshirt, throw it on as soon as you get out of the shower and wear it straight to the sofa, as gentlemen do. This dressing gown is perfect for wearing nonchalantly, neat for breakfast in bed, and falling back asleep afterwards proving you’re a guy who really knows how to relax. For feeling like you got dressed in your favourite flannel. For Netflix and chilling, and drinking scotch.

Get antisocial in style…….or buy a second one for an overnight guest.