5 Luxurious Gift Ideas To Make Your Girlfriend’s Summer

With plenty of sunny afternoons and bright nights to enjoy, summer is the perfect time for you and your girlfriend to indulge in some quality relaxation.

In a dream world, you’d whisk yourselves off an exotic trip around all of Europe’s most romantic hotspots – a canal ride in Venice, a stroll down Milan’s many shopping streets, a wine tasting evening in Paris.

But since you didn’t manage to win the lottery in the past few months, if you fancy getting any boyfriend of the year awards you’re having to come up with some more creative ways to treat your girlfriend to the chilled-out summer she deserves.

To help you do exactly that, we’re sharing five luxurious and fun gift ideas your other half is bound to love, and the even better news is that buying them won’t utterly destroy your credit limit either. Take a look.

1. Build An At-Home Spa

What’s better for the soul and body than a super calm day being pampered at a spa? Not much, to be honest, but with an hour in five-star resorts costing more than a weekend break in Barcelona, it’s not so good for your bank balance or maybe chair massage boston Mass Mobile Massage will have a more affordable option for you.


Instead, treat your girlfriend with an at-home, makeshift spa. Buy some prosecco and moisturising face masks, and find an appropriately tranquil playlist on Spotify that’ll help you both forget all your troubles.

2. Buy A Versatile Floral Dress For Dates

It can be intimidating buying clothes for anyone, especially your fashion-forward and fussy girlfriend, but in summer you really can’t go wrong with a floral print dress.

A good all-rounder, she’ll be able to wear this bright, comfortable and flattering beauty from AX Paris for relaxed picnics or more formal evenings out on the town (which means you can plan a date night to suit your budget).

3. Throw A Coachella Themed Cocktail Party

If you can’t quite afford to take you and your girlfriend to all the festivals going on this summer, bring the fun to her by hosting a Coachella themed cocktail party at your pad.

cocktail party

Invite all your friends, dress up in your finest tie-dye and order some personalised mason jars (dedicated to your lovely other half) for serving your infamous Mojitos. It’s a plan that’ll brighten up even a typically rainy British summer day.

4. Create A Custom Perfume

Perfumes are always a winning gift but instead of traipsing around your local department store to find the latest Marc Jacobs fragrance, why not create a signature scent for your girlfriend? It’s a much more thoughtful and impressive prezzie that’s sure to put a smile on her face.

Check out Unique Fragrance and show your other half just how well you know her by designing a summer-perfect perfume just for her. Buy Cheap Designer Perfumes & Aftershave | Copycat Fragrances UK at https://copycatfragrances.co.uk.

5. Put On An Afternoon Tea

Sunny weekends were made for champagne afternoon teas, but like spa days and festivals, they can be a little pricey.

Save yourself some valuable pennies by channelling your inner Mary Berry and treating you and your girlfriend to a homemade afternoon tea instead. The best thing is, you can make it up to suit your own tastes, swapping rubbish cucumber sandwiches for extra scones as your heart desires.

afternoon tea

So there you have it, five luxurious but budget-friendly gift ideas guaranteed to make your girlfriend’s summer! Which one are you going to go for? Leave a comment and let us know.