LUMIN: The Only Skincare You’ll Ever Need.

Guys, it’s time to take your morning and evening routine to the next level with these much approved products.

Meet here, the next generation of men’s grooming products and procedures that are going to elevate your daily routine. These face care products are about being your better self, and Lumin offers personal care products with high quality ingredients tailored to fit your individual lifestyle, body chemistry and skin type. Thicker, tougher, and structured differently than women’s cleansing products. 

Starting with your daily routine: Use the Deluxe Microfiber Washcloth with the Charcoal Cleanser, containing shea butter, rose oil and charcoal powder, to name but a few, this little tub will wake and refresh you in the morning and get rid of impurities after a long day when you’re ready for bed.

The Moisturising Balm is a great way to dry up those little dry and tough areas on your face. Just massage it at night, and easy on in the morning. Your skin will feel soft, smooth, and you’ll look and feel amazing.

And finally don’t forget around your eyes, as they usually are the first place to show signs of ageing, and why, because there’s so much wear and tear. So looking after them will make sure they look good and the skin stays soft and supple, use our Dark Circle Defense Cream, that  is spot on. Just before you hit the sack, apply a light layer under your dark circles, and in the morning give your face a splash and you’re good to go.

And if you’re like most guys, there’s those early-ageing patches, get our roll-on Anti Wrinkle Serum just before bed. And got a few flaky patches, try the Roll Recovery Oil on your cheeks and around your nose, to freshen up those pesky parts.

You’ll like the manly Exfoliating Rub, and you should use just 2 – 4 times a week, and is great to use just before a shave. You should be doing a regular face rub to give yourself a true, softer look. This little gem will work harder to slough off dead skin cells and hey presto,  you’ll have a fresher and more even complexion. 

So don’t think of anti-ageing in a negative way. Instead this is a great time to use our products to look your best as long as possible.

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