In the film “One Day,” Dexter’s character epitomises effortless style with his relaxed yet refined fashion choices. Dexter’s penchant for baggy trousers paired with loose shirts channels a distinct Italian flair, exuding a sense of laid-back sophistication. His sartorial influence has undoubtedly sparked a resurgence in the popularity of baggy trousers, inspiring men around the world to embrace this relaxed yet stylish look. With his charm and charisma, Dexter has become a fashion icon, leaving a lasting impact on men’s fashion and redefining the boundaries of contemporary style.

Baggy, wide-leg jeans have been a recurring trend for spring/summer 2024, but this season, the proportions are even more relaxed, with styles that might elicit eye rolls from dads everywhere, pooling around the ankles. Skinny jeans have sparked debate online for years, as some Gen Z individuals have swapped out the snug fit for straight-leg cuts and oversized jeans, triggering a bit of a crisis among millennials who still favour the skinny look. What’s behind Gen Z’s affinity for baggy clothing? It’s often linked to their emphasis on body positivity, prioritising fashion trends that flatter all body types, not just slim ones. This shift is evident in their preference for baggy jeans over the skinny styles favoured by millennials. The resurgence of baggy jeans reflects fashion’s ever-evolving nature, where past trends are revived and adapted to contemporary preferences, their appeal lies in their comfort, versatility, and alignment with sustainable and streetwear movements, making them a favoured choice among today’s fashion-forward individuals  it’s time to embrace the oversized bottoms trend. Whether you’re into baggy jeans or corduroy trousers, the key is to go big or go home 

Baggy bottoms have been making waves on the fashion scene, stomping down runways and gracing the wardrobes of style icons worldwide. The mantra is simple: the baggier, the better. As baggy jeans steadily take over our social media feeds, it’s only natural that they find their way into our own closets, after all, after years of lounging in comfortable tracksuits, the allure of slipping into a pair of form-fitting skinny jeans feels like a distant memory, so if you’re ready to make a statement, then embrace the bold silhouette of baggy jeans. 

But if you’re not quite ready to dive headfirst into the oversized trend, fear not, as gone are the days when corduroy trousers were solely associated with dadcore enthusiasts and academic circles. Today, anyone can rock them with confidence and be experiencing a revival reminiscent of the ’70s, corduroy pants are making a stylish comeback. 

Embrace their modern allure by opting for a wider-leg cut, adding a contemporary twist to this timeless fabric, start small with a pair of black baggy jeans—a minimalist hero of the high street, as these trousers strike the perfect balance between louche and simplicity, offering both ease and comfort without compromising on style.

So, whether you’re all in on the oversized trend or just dipping your toes in the water, there’s no denying that baggy bottoms are here to stay. Embrace the bold silhouette, make a statement, and let your style do the talking. After all, when it comes to fashion, bigger is definitely better.