Linen, a sustainable choice

Timeless elegance

The Sumissura Spring-Summer  linen 2024 collection elegantly weaves together the art of bespoke tailoring with the untamed allure of nature, presenting a series of masterpieces crafted to accentuate the modern woman’s variety of silhouettes.

Time to embrace this natural fabric this season. Linen is perfect for any occasion. Explore our latest collection: comfortable, stylish and tailored- ready for summer?

Linen herringbone green women’s suit – straight cut Sumissura

This season, sophistication meets wildness. Soft fabrics such as linen and cotton, with their innate authenticity, take centre stage. These materials evoke a sense of genuine origin, rooted in the land itself.

In a palette that harmonizes sophisticated neutral tones like French vanilla and rich teak with vibrant splashes of shiso red and sage green, this collection is a testament to the seamless fusion of contemporary style with nature’s endless beauty.

High-waisted beige midi pencil skirt in linen-cotton Sumissura

Linen herringbone grey dress suit – straight cut / Linen herringbone green skinny trouser suit with peak lapel Sumissura

The quintessential linen dress shirt embodies simplicity and versatility. Dress it up with a high-waisted pencil skirt and heels for a classic, sophisticated look. For a more relaxed look, pair the shirt with shorts or a mini skirt. 

Why is linen revered as a cornerstone in the world of sustainable fashion? This natural fabric, renowned for its lightness and breathability, seamlessly intertwines its charm with style and sustainability. Linen’s enduring appeal lies not only in its timeless elegance but in its versatility: it transitions easily from casual to formal, from day to night.  From choosing the perfect fabric to designing it for any occasion, it is as sustainable as it is stylish. 

In a world increasingly conscious of its ecological footprint, linen is emerging as a champion of sustainability. Sourced from the flax plant, linen is not only biodegradable, but also requires significantly less water and pesticides than conventional cotton, making it a favourite of the eco-friendly fashionista. Its durability means a longer lifespan for each garment, reducing the need for frequent changes and therefore generating less waste. Embracing linen is more than a style choice, it’s a statement of respect for our planet and a commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Linen herringbone grey short frock coat with peak lapels

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