Life starts at 40.

It’s probably too easy to get complacent when you’re in your 40’s. You know – steady job, wife at home, kids at school, and you’re probably the same with your clothes. Do you wear the same suit to the office? Maybe wearing the same shirts, same shoes, get your coffee from the same place. Do you think you’ve nailed the work-to-casual style or do you actually think sometimes you’d like to smarten up?

The good thing is, that you probably have all the basic in your wardrobe but you just need to add a few extras, and that my man, with change the game. You also probably have a lot of clothes in your wardrobe that you’ve had for years and still think you look good in them, and love because they’re your old favourites. But actually you probably don’t.

There’s a fundamental difference between fashion and style, and the best way to go into your 40’s is with the latter.
If you have oodles of confidence you can wear whatever you want, but you should also have a good idea of what fits you, what suits you and which styles to steer away from. Tailoring will always be a flattering and age-appropriate option. Experiment with different fabrics, linen and good cotton, textures that you can mix-and-match in knitwear and jackets. Also make sure you really invest in the details this decade.

As your style settles down and you find yourself wearing more of a uniform both casually and professionally, it’s your accessories that will really add personality. Choose a palette of colours that will really work for you. Don’t be afraid of replaying patterns and colours – summer floral shirts always look great on an older man if the print isn’t ridiculous. Wear a pair of decent shorts and proper sandals, with a crisp white short sleeved shirt… just remember no socks please! A smart hat is always a good idea if it’s a hot day. Also make sure that your accessories are up to date, like investing in a watch collection, as there is nothing smarter than a well dressed man with a standout watch. Finally, Think about your skin colouring, as the older you get, the more your skin tone will evolve. Opt for a lighter colour such as blue, grey and earthy browns, rather than stark black.

Life might not begin at 40, but as far as your style is concerned it doesn’t have to end there.