L’Estrange Reinvents the Class Style of Hooded Sweatshirt

L’Estrange are expanding their range of premium hooded sweatshirts by reinventing the classic style in a lighter pique fabric for the summer. Made from 100% cotton jersey, L’Estrange’s hoodies are not your typical casual-wear options.

Each hood is lined with bold, contrasting fabrics ranging from pinstripes to paisley to elevate the style into something much more sophisticated. The latest pique addition to the style takes this practice one step further.

pique 22

The pique hoodie features a buggy lining and to add to the sophisticated image, it also has a pocket square detail in the top pocket. It is a blend of formal and casual that will suit business travel and more casual situations, with a certain level of formality.

pique 33

Started in London by two close friends, L’Estrange is a brand that is steadily on the rise, thanks to their commitment to quality, design and attention to detail. Hoodies traditionally have a certain preconception attached to them as to who might wear them and what sort of style they denote, but L’Estrange is challenging these ideas with their creative vision.

pique 44

They work to perfect the fit, cut and function of their garments to elevate them above traditional jersey hoodies on the market. Luxe Italian hardware compliments each hoody and specially sourced prints feature on the lining of some, while on others traditional suiting references like classic stripes appear.

These hoodies are a unique option for people who want something casual and comfortable without compromising sophistication or style. Hoodies are not just the reserve of teenage students anymore it seems.

The pique hoody and the rest of the range are available from L’Estrange’s Soho store or online at www.lestrangelondon.com.